View Full Version : Evening with SFX - and a question regarding book signings

02-05-2010, 20:19
Hey everyone! Just wondering who here hopes to go to the SFX party at the Waterstones in Piccadilly come May 10th?

Also, a question for those that have attended signings with BL authors before. Is there a limit on the amount of things you can bring to get signed? Or are people expected to use their common sense and not cart in a backpack full of books for an author to work through? :p

Now the next thing I have to consider is what to get signed xD

03-05-2010, 12:04
when you take stuff to be signed, bear in mind what you would think if some of the guys in front of you had bags full of stuff.

One or two things is fine, loads of stuff, in my opinion, is just taking the ****.

03-05-2010, 14:33
Remember - you will be one of many at the signing. I would limit it to one book per author.

You may also find that the store will not let you have any books, other than those purchased at the event, signed by the authors. They are, after all, looking to make money from the event.

03-05-2010, 18:20
The best thing for you to do would be to check with the store before you go to the signing as to whether you can bring other stuff inside with you. If they are expecting a massive turnout they might restrict the amount you can sign so that they can work through the queue.
Having run signings for Waterstones in the past they are generally pretty relaxed about what you bring in but they will expect you to at least buy a book whilst you are there!!
Having seen people bring in guitars, rugby balls, tshirts and giant posters in before they've most probably seen it all before - especially the Piccadilly store who generally do all the big celeb events and launches.
In terms of how many books to bring - it only really takes a couple of seconds to sign the book but by making sure that the book is open to the page to be signed before you get to the author will save time. On a good day an author can sign upto 500 copies in an hour and chat to the people in the queue so I wouldn't worry too much!!

03-05-2010, 19:19
when you take stuff to be signed, bear in mind what you would think if some of the guys in front of you had bags full of stuff.

One or two things is fine, loads of stuff, in my opinion, is just taking the ****.

Well ofcourse I wasn't planning on filling a sack with books ^^ Its just that I'm a bit anal when it comes to damaging books etc (I dont even crease the spine when I'm reading) and so I dont really want to carry say two books per author if it's limited to one.

As for only signing what you buy there, well... that wont be much of a problem. I can't go into a bookstore without picking up something.

I think I might fire off an email to Waterstones about it, see if I can get any more details.

I also got to remember to quiz Dan Abnett about the status of the supposed "Eisenhorn vs Ravenor" trilogy that he wanted to get started on before the end of the naughties.

04-05-2010, 22:04
If i was an author and a guy walked up with a whole stack of books for me to sign, I'd sign one, and then say, "that'll be $25 each for each additional book past the first"......'cause those guys with a stack are most likely dealers.

05-05-2010, 10:31
My experience of Games Days and similar suggests an author will probably have time to sign three or four books while you ask a question or while they ask something akin to "did you enjoy these?". They're not machines, they like meeting fans and getting feedback. But as stated, you'll probably be in a queue and shouldn't abuse that.

Dan Abnett had an hour signing at Warhammer World a few years back, and I lived nearby; I took along two books and bought a third in-store, expecting it to be busy, but it was surprisingly quiet, and when I mentioned having more books he sent me home to get them, so I got around a dozen books signed, probably a third of the number he signed at the event. And we had a chat for about half an hour, because there was hardly anyone else there.

The "dealer" thing - the books aren't hard to come by, I've not heard much to suggest they're that valuable signed (though I could be wrong), and most signings tend to involve the books being personalised anyway. I have heard counter-dealer tactics stories; one author who politely went through a couple of carrier bags for a dealer, despite a large queue, only for the dealer to come back half an hour later shouting abuse because the author had signed them all in someone else's name, making them all worthless... but some authors are savvy to it and it's not a big deal. David Gemmell, if presented with one of the rare graphic novel editions of his books, he would ask whether the owner wanted it personalised or not, because of its value.

So, having been to a few signings, I advise the following: pick a handful of books, three or four at most, you'd really like signed because those are the ones you enjoyed most by that author. But if you like, take along a bag with the rest in and ask the author if they'd mind. Just use good manners about it and you'll be fine.