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03-05-2010, 01:14
I'm trying to get back into WFB (I usually play 40k but am interested in WFB). I was flicking through a freinds DE book and throught they looked cool ^_^

Master + Crimson Death + Armor of Darkness
Sorceress + 2 Dispell Scrolls

26 Warriors + Shields + Full Command *Unit joins Master *
10 Warriors + Shields *Unit joins Sorceress*
10 Crossbowmen + Shields + Musician
10 Crossbowmen + Shields + Musician
5 Harpies
5 Harpies

5 Cold One Knights + Standard + Musician

2 Repeater Crossbows

TOTAL 1246

03-05-2010, 03:24
Looks ok apart from two things.
The Hero need a better AC or other save.
Since he only has T3 and 2W he will die very easy otherwise.
There is several good options like
Armour of Darkness 1+AC
or if you want the expensive versions
Armour of Eternal Servitude
Blood Armour and Pendant of Khaeleth

Also the two big crossbowmen units are way to big!
This because you can only shoot from the first rank
unless on a hill where 2 rank can shoot. Still way to big.
I understand the idea behind them acting as regular warrior units
but they will just be wasted like this.
Make them instead 10 man strong + shields
and buy only musician for them.
If you go for dark armour that will cost you 25-8=17pt.
Buy the warbanner for the Warrior/spear unit for 25pts.
You need a fast hard hitting unit to threaten opponents cavalry units.
Buy 6 coldone knights with standard and musician for 186
Buy 3 more warriors.

This will give your hero good protection a bigger warrior unit for soakdamage and a supporting coldoneKnight unit for melee and still have a very good shoot phase.

You might want some magic protection also then skip 25pts and buy the ring of hotek. Put it on either the hero or the cold one knight champion.

Good luck:)

04-05-2010, 01:52
i'm finding that Dreads and Masters make GREAT flexible toys!

You're lucky this is a lower point list, but Empire can throw some Magic spam at you (they have some cheap casters) as back up. Blood Armour is GREAT for 1000 point games(cos it KEEPS GETTING BETTER, combine it with the fact that you can get SoulRender(Armour piercing! Can opener time!!) and it and still have 20 points to blow on something like a Null Talisman since you can't carry the Ring of Hotek to break magic up. The hard part would be if you were up against Horde-type armies, and at that point I'd say swap SoulRender for the Black Dragon Egg for mass effect or Strength Potion so you can REALLY hit for a round.

04-05-2010, 03:59
Thanks for the advice guys. I really appreicate it. I have re-posted a list, except now it's for 1250. I was thinking of dropping one of the units of Crossbowmen and getting some Corsairs. I like the models and I hear they can be useful for 'poking' the enemy into wrong footing a unit so I can get a side charge.

04-05-2010, 09:12
looks much better now :)
One thing tho I dont see much use for the 10 warrior unit.
You might as well have the sorceress in one of the
Crossbowmen units since you dont want them into combat nor the sorceress.

Also I wouldnt take away 1 crossbowmen unit.
Two unit of crossbowmen and two boltthrowers is
required to get a decent impact in the shooting phase.

Instead skip the 10 warriors
Put the Sorceress in one of the crossbowmen units

Then either
get 1 more coldone Knight for impct and meat and the warbanner ALWAYS
Worth it especially in a 1000pts game where every Combat resolution are vital.
if you prefer get 10 corsairs with handbows as support unit to the warriors
both as harrasment unit with bows and as threat for flank attacks.
That would mean you would have to ditch some warriors tho to get the points required.
Good luck and above all have fun :cool:

05-05-2010, 04:03
So this list seems pretty 'standard', i.e. it has something in all sections of the army and phase of the game.

What would be a good unit to expand the army?