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19-02-2006, 00:05
alrighty, i have "inhereted" a dwarf army from my dad as he doesn't play warhammer anymore and has a butload of 6th ed mini's and some of the new ones too but thats enough of that, i've made an army list currently with soem of the models i own and i am able to make changes, i hope to have this army painted by next november so i can take it to conflict... but that might just be a pipedream but that is neither here nor there either so without further adu i give you *drum roll* my 2000 point list!

270- Dwarf Lord, Master rune of skalf blackhammer, rune of snorri spangelhelm, Master rune of gromril.

124- Runesmith, Gromril Armor, Great weapon, Master rune of Balance.

205- 20x Warriors, hand weapon, shield, heavy armor, full command.

196- 19x Warriors, hand weapon, shield, heavy armor, full command.

235- 15x Longbeards, Great Weapon, Hand Weapon, shield, heavy armor, full command

155- 10x thunderers, musician, shield, light armor, hand weapon

155- 10x thunderers, musician, shield, light armor, hand weapon

327- 19x hammerers, full command, shield, heavy armor, great weapon, hand weapon, Rune of Slowness.

105- cannon, engineer

105- cannon, engineer

120- Organ gun.

Alrighty, thats the army, i plan to do a refused flank strategy for this army... what is the general oppinions?

20-02-2006, 21:17
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20-02-2006, 22:34
Depends on against what you will playing mostly

but as I see it:
1) don't take 2 cannons, I find it more valuable to take at least one Grudge thrower with the rune of accuracy (you'd be surprised how much this helps)
This is against large blocks of rank and file..
2) change the longbeards with ironbreakers, they're more reliable to hold the line
3) two units of thunderers are rather expensive + since they aren't move and shoot anymore, I use them crossbowmen (because they can shoot even if you're first)
3) I'd suggest to give your runesmith une rune of spellbreaking, you never know how handy it can be
4)As for your lord, I tend to take either a tank (just a great weapon but impossible to hit) or a killer (master rune of swiftness, rune of cleaving and sth else)..But yours is doable, although the master rune of skalf blackhammer is a bit expensive for a 2k army
5) I believe you want to put your runesmith in a unit warriors, I never do that (I leave it running alone), but it could work
6) give your warriors great weapons, it doesn't make them a lot more expensive and you're able to charge with them and do some damage

This are my suggestions of course, there are many ways to play dwarves
As for the tactic of refused flank, you'll notice soon that the enemy will almost always outmanouvre such an attempt...it's best to spread your warmachines (so they cannot be taken out simultaneously), use a stubborn centre (or flank) and use your warriors as backup