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immortal git
03-05-2010, 13:42
Right, new grimgor list which is suppose to be able to walk across the board and have enough left when thery get there, so here it is:

Grimgor Ironhide 375

Black orc big boss 160
Spirit Banner (Dispell for each rank)
Orc Shaman 115
scroll 2

Orc big boss 132
heavy armour

19 orc boyz 138

15 orc big uns 195
extra hand weps

15 Black Orcz 258

14 arrer boyz 84

5 boar boyz 188
big uns

3 River Trolls 180

Boar Chariot 80

Boar Chariot 80


All opinions welcome, its my first Orc and Goblin list so be gentle =D

03-05-2010, 15:01
I usually wouldn't recommend using Grimgor in games smaller than 3k, purely because you end up with a lot of your points invested in a unit that may hit hard, but is still M4. But if you want to take him, I can suggest a few things...

The BSB MUST go on a boar, he's very important so could really do with the extra save, and it doesn't stop him joining an infantry unit. Save yourself some points on the Shaman- he's only there for 1DD and the scroll, so make him a goblin/ night goblin and save 10/15 points.

Finally I'd drop the Big Uns down to a unit of standard Orcs like your other unit. The cost of the upgrade really isn't worth it, and you could do with the added bodies.

Finally drop the Arrers down to 10 and invest whatever points you have left in fast cavalry. This might not suit the all-orc approach you've got at the moment, but they work well as redirectors or screeners (and that's something the Black Orc unit will really need).

Just a few suggestions, and I don't think they'll impact on the general theme/ playstyle of your army. I like the list overall, Grimmers and the Black Orcs will rip through most things they come up against, provided you watch their flanks.

EDIT: And I'd also recommend dropping the spears on the Orcs, the advantage of the +1S first round of combat and 4+ save is far better than the extra 5 S3 attacks IMO.

immortal git
03-05-2010, 16:19
so if you woulnt take grimgor, what do you think would compliment the list more as a lord choice?

03-05-2010, 16:27
o&g is not suited to small elite army. you need more boyz, lots of them. since you have few points to play with, this means you can only have few expensive things, and the rest have to go into your horde.

you have chosen grimgor + blorcs. so you should axe the boar boyz, and demote the biguns, and add boyz. 23-25 is a good size for orc warriors, but up to us30 is the most you'd probably want. spears are okay if you have extra points, but you won't with grimgor + blorcs + river trolls, so go hw&s on both warrior blocks.

the problem with orcs is that they need goblins (or failing that, snotlings). 2 units of 5 fast cav of either type with music at least, and a/some war machines (spear chucka pair, rock lobba, doom diver) will balance out your list. snotling bases are good too.

about bsb, imo black orc is not a good morks' totem holder. the reason is that your magic defense relies on the number of rank bonus in his unit. each time you quell animosity, your rank bonus can go down (especially when you have few orcs to begin with). instead, for 1 point more than black orc upgrade, put him on a boar. splurge the 2 extra points for light armor, and he'll have a 4+ armor save. it's not spectacular, but it's good.

03-05-2010, 16:38
If you are going to use grimgor give the black orks the D6+ charge banner you will need it. Make the Boar boys into savage boar boys with shield and the banne of butchery so you can actually break some units with them. 26(10from boars) str 5 attacks should be enugh to brake some units.:)

Drop the error boys and use the points to buff the 19ork unit into 25orks
The small big un unit should be made into 25 normal ones. May be smart invvesting in some spider riders and/or wolf riders so you can screen the savage ork boar boys and the black orcs.

immortal git
03-05-2010, 16:46
hmmm, this will need some thinking...

immortal git
03-05-2010, 19:25
Grimgor 375

Night goblin shaman 100
scroll x2

orc big boss 161
bsb 25
Dispell banner 50
boar 16
Sheild 2
Heavy armour 4

orc big boss 132
pig sticka 40
sheild 2
heavy 4
boar 16

20 night goblins 60
short bows 0

20 orc boyz 170
Sheilds 20
command 30

20 orc boyz
extra choppa 40
command 30

5 boar boys 188
Command 38
big uns' 40

15 black orcz 258
command 38
d6 banner 25

3 river trolls 180

5 spider riders 71
musician 6

5 spider riders 71
musician 6

2 spear chukkas 70

any better. no savage boar boys because according to the website there isnt any models any more, and im not too great at converting. enjoy.

03-05-2010, 19:46
y grimogr have another big balack ork war boss and put fantic i the gobo unit

03-05-2010, 19:51
orc big boss cannot wear heavy armor.
orc battle standard bearer cannot wear shield.

immortal git
03-05-2010, 20:13
but apart from that?

03-05-2010, 22:23
needs more boys. 2 units of 20 orcs and a unit of 15 blorcs with no screening units is not going to weather any serious amount of shooting while retaining ranks. i think you should trade the boar boyz for 5-8 more orc warriors in each unit, give the blorcs shields, and then either a rock lobba, another pair of chuckas, a doom diver, a pair of pump wagons, another chariot, or 2-4 snotling bases.

immortal git
03-05-2010, 23:51
i kinda see grimgor being a problem with his expense and im now thinking dropping him and taking a black orc boss on a boar and using the excess points to add to the units of orcs?make them 28s or something? i dont like doom divers or stone throwers... might have to be the chuckas, but then almost everyone has atleast 4 chuckas in their army, all that ive seen anyway