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03-05-2010, 13:43
Hello warseer :)

i made a 3500 point list out of what models i have and wanted to know how good/bad it is? there is a list of what else I have further down :p


+ Teclis (475)

+ Prince ( 281 )
-Star lance
-Vambraces of defense
-Dragon Armour
-Barded Steed


+ Korhil (140)

+ Caradryan (175)

+ Noble (175)
- Shield
- Dragon Armour
- BSB - banner of sorcery
- Great weapon

+ Mage lvl 2 (185)
- Silver Wand
- Ring of fury


+ 24 Spearmen
- Full command
- Lion standard

+ 24 Spearmen
- Full Command

+ 12 Archers (132)

+ 12 Archers (132)


+ 10 White lions (180)
- Full command

+ 5 Dragon Princes
- Banner - Standard of Balance

+ 5 Dragon Princes
- Banner - Standard of Protection

+ Lion Chariot (140)

+ Lion Chariot (140)

+ Lion Chariot (140)


+ Bolt Thrower (100)

+ Bolt Thrower (100)

+ Bolt Thrower (100)

+ Great Eagle (50)

( I have remaining)

- Mage on foot
- Mage on Horse
- Mage on Horse
- Noble/Prince on foot

Thanks for looking :D

03-05-2010, 21:50
It doesn't look ready for 'ard boyz by any means, however for friendly gameplay it's not terrible. Biggest problem I have with it is the monotone special choices, especially the chariots. At 3.5k there's probably going to be alot of S7 crap being thrown around, which means auto kills for the chariots, and HE chariots are squishy even without being against S7.

Your prince is alright, i've never been a fan of the star lance though since it's alot of points for a weapon that won't work in extended combats, but it's not really a problem.

Also you 2nd mage will be useless, telics ignores DD, that's what he does. Which means your understudy will be on the receiving end of all the DD and scrolls the enemy has. You'd do better just to make him a scroll caddy or drop him for another noble.

The rest is me being picky; probably too used to tournaments but this is what I do.

Too many core choices, HE core suck, you'd do much better with another unit of white lions or phoenix guard on the table.

Choosing the special characters is off. The power of these two heros is that they make a unit of phoenix guard or white lions into a death star (even seen sword masters pimped out). In your army they seem out of place and will probably not be worth as much as if you had built a death star unit.

Probably the last thing is you didn't max out your rare choices, you could fit in more eagles/RBT and make the list much stronger.

04-05-2010, 19:58

what?, thats what you asked