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25-05-2005, 13:33
Magellan walked out of the temple's room of the emperors light, wiping his blade clean of blood, next person to go in there would find nothing, not even the remains of the local preisthood. He turned and locked the doors, placing a myriad of wards on it to hold the beast inside, it would already be in pain from the purity of the temple, but it was all required. The preists had been useful, in their time, and they had revealed what he had suspected, what he had been led to suspect by the beast that was now in that room. A few minutes would pass before he would let bladeslake free of the room only to question it further on the future and the past and of everything in between.

2 Years later

Magellan walked into the room, burried at the bottom of a Hive Infernus on the world of Stigma, the people should be arriving soon. In the corner the beast bladeslake was trapped inside a stasis field unable to do anything just sit there and stare at the world around it as time passed it by yet never seemed to move. Magellan left the room again he wouldnt return until everyone had arrived, he quickly wondered where the stupid ork was, but that didnt really matter, if it was killed down here by a gang then that gang would have attoned for some of their sins, still it would be a shame to see someone so stupid to blindly follow him die before all his use had been expended.

ooc//ok everyone just post your arrival and getting to know each other, remnember the atmostphere is that of an underhive, so it aint clean and friendly

25-05-2005, 13:40
Bladeslake hissed and snarled inside its mind, wishing it could escape this horrible prison.

Hello meat things! it roared psychically. I am Bladeslake, your host for the evening. Now if all of you will just sit down and then some one gain the courage and set me free, so i can entertain you better. Please, do us all a favour.

Bladeslake sighed, or attempted to. His Tech Priest body was hidiously scarred in numerous places and he wished oh so dearly to flex his drill arm. However, the Inquisitor had him locked into place. Such was his life to be hidiously abused by a pitful human. If only he had his real body back.

He would annihlate every single one of the fools before him, but till then, he would play nice.

Lord Setra
30-05-2005, 14:53
Jim walked into the room, he seen 'Matey' standing in the corner and some other thing held in one of those fields.

Jim walked towards 'Matey' and asked him when the other lads would be arriving.

'Soon JIm, soon'

Jim took a perch against the wall, playing with his golden coin as he waited the arrival of the others.

31-05-2005, 14:07
OOC:/ Sorry it took me so long:/OOC

The Cardinal made the sign of the aquila on his chest after he stepped out of the skimmer. This was one of the darkest areas of the emperors realm, where his holy light seemed to barely break though the depths of human sin. As he headed down into the under hive he became of a primitive gun clicking.

"Hand over all valuables or I shoot."

The Cardinal turned round, looked his assailant straight in the eye and smiled.
"Shoot me then, for unless they see wondrous signs they shall not believe."

The assailant fired, but an inch before it struck the cardinal the bullet stopped. Spinning in a radient light that bathed the Cardinal from head to foot,
"Though Faith all things are possible, although you trust in the things of the worlds, I trust in emperor and he has never let me down. I will not hand over all my valuables but I will hand over one item more valuable than all the Credits in this hive.” With that he handed the criminal a copy of the ‘An Imperial Guard’s Mans’ Uplifting Primer.’

“A copy of that book saved my life, it brought me into the light of the emperor and for that I will be eternally grateful. I pardon your attempt on my life, may it help you to grow as it did me. Should you wish to ever take the next step, there is my number will be out of contact for a while but tell whoever answers the phone my name and the information in the back of the book. If they ask any questions answer truthfully, for they will not judge you, as it is not their place. I hope when we next meet my son that you will be taking a step in the right direction.”

With that the Cardinal walked off, he later arrived at the briefing site in the presence of a prostitute, after slipping her some credits and a copy of the same book he went inside.

“Deamon, in the name of all that is true and just I oppose your temptation most foul, your trickery will not turn me from my righteous path.” Then he sat down and started reading a fairly heavy book.

Hoshi No Koe
11-06-2005, 13:58
A young man entered the room. He was clad in black and made very little sound as he walked. Two swords were strapped to his back.
When he heard the foul mind whispers coming from the miserable shape of the Tech-priest, he turned his face towards it. The longer of the two swords on his back was out of its sheath in fragment of a moment, so quickly had it been drawn that the movement had only been perceived as a flash of motion before the tip of the blade was pointing towards the Daemon host's throat.
"Stay out of my head, you miserable warp creature." he said calmly. There were things in his mind that no one needed to know about.
With the tip of his sword still pointed at the creature's throat, his face turned towards the priest standing in the room. The cold look in his stare would make most men shiver.
"My name is Sasuke, priest. Where is Magellan?"

13-06-2005, 03:13
Bladeslake attempted to grab the Cardinal, just to tease him and use his vital organs as decorations for his host body, but the accursed field stopped him.

Foolish priest, I have seen your death and when it comes I will be the one to offer your soul directly to Tzeentch! Baldeslake crowed loud enough for everyone to hear. Granted he could use telepathy at the moment, but it was loud enough to reach the Inquisitor.

Bladeslake knew he would be in trouble, but he was not rodered to play nice, yet.

13-06-2005, 03:34
Magellan walked into the room, and straight up to the daemon host. "Bladeslake quiet!" the voice commanded, and instantly the daemon was quiet. He drew a bottle of holy water and poured it over the creature, burning its flesh and armour. He sat down among the rest of them. "I am Inquisitor Lord Magellan, what i have called you here for doesnt concern you yet, you will find out in due time of course, but for now just accept that you are to take orders from me, and only me. " a servitor walked into the room and whispered something to the inquisitor, before it left the room. An explosion was heard outside and shouts as people ran in havoc. "Quickly it has started!" Leaping to his feet the inquisitor ran into the square outside, muttering a word of command, Bladeslake was freed of stasis but unable to hurt any of the party. Fighting was spreading throughout the underhive, buildings were being set on fire, and people were rioting, chants of "blood for the blood god" were yelled by many. When it seemed it couldnt get any worse, the earth began to shimmer among a group men, before all 8 of them took their lives, and were they stood now stood 8 beastial creatures, clad in bronze armour and weilding massive axes that seemed to scream as they were swung.

ooc// straight into the fighting everyone, no need to guess what these beastmen type things are.

Hoshi No Koe
13-06-2005, 12:45
Sasuke had sheated his sword as the Inquisitor walked into the room and had turned towards the commanding figure of his new boss.

As the noise of battle broke out outside, he swiftly followed Magellan onto the square, drawing his twin pistols as he did so and immediately starting to pour fire into the 8 creatures that had materialized on the spot where the 8 underhive dregs had just taken their lives.
He moved sideways away from the inquisitor towards the corner of a building while maintaining a steady flow of solid slugs spitting out from his handguns in an attempt to suppress the beasts.
Although there weren't signs of ennemy fire yet, Sasuke instinctively used the corner of the building for cover as his first clips emptied. Several shots had found their mark on the beasts but had just seemed to ricochet off their armour.
He dropped his empty clips and skillfully replaced them with fresh ones within a split second, preparing to resume fire.

Grand Warlord
21-06-2005, 16:34
+from nowhere a couple of shots rang out piercing the abonomations in variou sparts of their bodies, but causing no real damage.+

"Sorry I am late Inquisitor sir... traffic was hell."

+A boy stood there. He seemed not of the age to be doing this kind of things but here he was none the less. He was small and lean but he was good enough with the guns he carried with him.+

29-06-2005, 06:43
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