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Part One:
One quiet night in a tavern in the city of Middenheim a young Teutogen Guard named Tyr stepped in to get a drink as his shift was over and it had been a hard day. Wishing not to be noticed he pulled his cape close to him hiding his armour. The work to rebuild the city after the incursion made by Archeon and his forces of Chaos was tough and people always needed help from the soldiers and tonight Tyr just wanted to have a quiet and relaxing evening. Picking a set in a shadowy corner of the tavern where no one was near the young men sat down to enjoy his mug of ale.
“Been here long in Middenheim?” a shadowy voice said behind him. Tyr nearing chocked as the stranger had surprised him.
“Yes” said Tyr as he turned around to face the stranger. He couldn’t keep from staring as he laid eyes upon the figure. A large and seemingly well build man in a black hooded cloak with the hood pulled up so that you couldn’t see his face sat behind him. The man must have been well over seven feet tall as he towered over the six-one Tyr even in a hunch. “I’m sorry I didn’t see you when I sat down here, I’ll move,” Tyr said to the figure. As he went to get up a gloved hand shot out and grabbed him in a vice-like grip around his wrist.
“Since you’re here why don’t you stay a while and talk with a weary traveler.” Before Tyr could refuse the figure he suddenly found himself sitting again with his mug in had. “That’s better” said the hooded man. “Tell me, have you even heard the story of Amornar Valarauker?”
“No” said Tyr, who at first wanted nothing to do with this man was growing more and more curious of this stranger and his story.
The stranger began:

Well then as you may know thousands of years ago the High Elves of Ulthuan were the masters of the world, controlling everything that their ships could reach. However at this time the forces of chaos made war upon the elven people, all of them would have been killed had in not been for the mighty Aenarion who was the greatest warrior of his day, a perhaps the greatest warrior of all time who led the elven forces. With Sword Of Khaine in his hand he fought back the tide of chaos and saved the world from the darkness that would have covered it.
However the mighty Elf lord was mortally wounded in the last battle and with his last ounce of strength flew to the altar of Khaine in the north of Ulthuan and drove the cursed sword that was too powerful for any one person to wield and died along with his loyal mount. The elves set about re-building their shattered home and lives and the son of Aenarion, Morelion was sent to the Old World in order to keep him safe. However the curse of Aenarion that was bourne in his blood because of the choice his father had made to wield the Sword of Khaine. He curse drove him to madness and he had an insatiable appetite for battle and since then Morelion and his decedents have traveled all around the world in order to find a way to rid themselves of this terrible curse.
One of these mysterious and awesome warriors was named Adurgul was one of the sons of Morelion who like his father and family traveled all around perfecting his martial skills in hopes that he would one day find a cure for the curse that he bore. However Adurgul was old, even in elven terms and he desperately sought a way to end the curse. He cried out for help and but the only one that heard him was one of the chaos gods, the bloody god of war Khorne.

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Part Two:
Seeing a chance to create a servant for himself Khorne appeared to the old warrior and told him that he had to spill more blood in order the cure himself. Adurgul descended into a state of madness and lost all conscious thought and the only thing that was perceptible to him was the god of war whispering in his ear, “Kill, Kill, Kill.....” In a rage he went from town to town slaughtering the people he found, and so it was one night that he entered a small elven village in what is now Bretonnia. There he slaughtered the inhabitants of the village, but one he could not bring his sword upon was a beautiful maiden who not even the whispers of Khorne could convince him to strike. Instead he was brought back to his senses and shook off the whispers of Khorne deciding that if his days were to be his last he would leave behind a son and heir to continue on his quest.
And so Adurgul married the young maiden and had a son which he named Amornar. But it was not Khorne’s intention to make the aging Adurgul his servant and when he had gone mad and spilt the blood of innocent people the curse of Aenarion mutated itself within him and added a dark piece of Khorne within him that was in turn inherited by Amornar. Whom Khorne would watch with great interest as he spilled blood in the name of his father who was only half elf and so was he born with the blood off a god within him. With his days numbered Adurgul taught all that he could to his son but before he could complete the training for his son he died of extreme old age. But the training that he did go through was more than enough to bring out the natural prowess that was within Amornar due to the blood god’s intervention.
Deeply angered by his father’s death Amornar swore an oath that he would find a way to solve the curse that had taken his father’s life and which would one day take his if he did not do something about it. One day Khorne whispered in his ear, which he does frequently and caused the young elf to go into a fit of rage and in it he killed his mother. After realizing what he did Amornar took his father’s armour and sword and fled into the night. Running and running for days until he finally collapsed from exhaustion. He had collapsed almost dead from extreme exhaustion in a forest that was under the protection of a small outpost of Asrai or Wood Elves. One of them came upon the body of the elf and carried him to a nearby lake and set up a shelter where he stayed tending to the near dead Amornar. When Amornar finally regained consciousness some days later the wood elf introduced himself as Turomen Belegrohir.
The two were instant friends and Turomen joined the cursed Amornar on his quest, despite what Amornar had done to his mother and so they left the forest and their adventures began. These were to be the only truly happy times in Amornar’s life as his curse and desire to kill had subsided and he and his newly found friend became heros in the old world helping those in distress or trouble. Doing the sort of things one expects to see in a fairy tale.
But this is no fairy tale and fate intervened one day when Turomen and Amornar were riding near the World’s Edge Mountains when they came upon a group of chaos warriors in red armour encamped along the border and were getting ready to raid a settlement to the south. Knowing that they must stop them the two elves fell upon the warriors slaughtering many off their numbers. However a powerful sorcerer was encamping with the warriors and was able to summon a bloodthirster, one of the most powerful servants of Khorne to deal with the seemingly unstoppable elves. Turomen was the first to meet with the daemon and pit up a valiant fight as Amornar tried to hack his way through the mass of warriors to get to his friend. But he was not in time and the greater daemon beheaded the brave wood elf and threw his head back in a mighty and triumphant roar.

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Part Three:
Seeing this put Amornar into a rage which was fueled by the hate that he had within him, the curse of Aenarion burned at his soul and the blood of Khorne that flowed through his veins caused him to lash out and do what no one would have thought possible. Hacking at the warriors in front of him he slew them all finally making his way to the powerful daemon that had slain his friend. In an epic battle that lasted many hours the mighty elf lord finally smote down the enormous daemon. But all of this was part of Khorne’s plan and he had his daemon servant’s power transferred to Amornar’s mighty sword, the same one that had belonged to Adurgul. Now with this daemon blade always at his side Amornar would never be able to stop his shedding of blood, as a god whispered in his ear, a curse filled his heart and a daemon screamed out for blood in his hands. Now Amornar was to be Khorne’s greatest servant and lead his forces to victory.
But something happened that was not expected by the chaos god. In fighting the daemon that had killed his friend the curse of Aenarion had fully manifested itself within Amornar. Though this made the curse almost unbearable to him it filled Amornar with great power and the plot that Khorne had made was unmasked to Amornar before he bowed to the powers of chaos. Amornar finally knew the truth behind his father’s blood madness and the death of Turomen. He refused to join Khorne and lead his armies. At this the chaos god was furious and lashed out with all his force sending waves and waves of daemons at Amornar, but with his new found power and the daemon blade within his hands he slaughtered them all and with each kill he grew stronger and stronger and the blood god seeing this had no choice but to call back his legions of daemons.
During all of this a lone individual had been watching since Amornar and Turomen had set upon the camp in the first place. This mysterious figure was none other than the Lord of Blood Abhorash, the first of the Blood Dragon Vampires. Seeing this incredible feat of skill and arms by the elf Abhorash came down from his watch to talk with the elven warrior and offer him something that might help him on his quest.
Upon seeing the vampire Amornar set upon him in a fury but even his skill was no match for the skills of the undead lord. Finally exhausted the Amornar sunk down after fighting with the vampire for many hours and although he had several opportunities to kill Amornar, Abhorash would not deliver a killing blow and would instead merely wound him as if taunting him further. Unable to fight any longer Amornar sunk down and prepared himself to be slain by the mighty warrior.
But no death blow ever came and instead Abhorash reached out and picked up the elf and told him to drink from the only wound that Amornar had managed to land on Abhorash, which was on his arm. Drinking the blood of the Abhorash the vampire blood mixed in his veins with the blood of Khorne and of Aenarion. And thus Amornar was transformed into a Blood Dragon and was guaranteed never to have the problem that his father once had. Fore now Amornar would never die from old age, he would live on.
He now embraced the power that the Curse of Aenarion gave him, he embraced the power of Khorne that the god had gave to him and he embraced the new power that Abhorash had given him. He would spill blood take pleasure in it, he would fight and grew more powerful and become as great a warrior as his new liege Abhorash and his grandfather the mighty Aenarion. And so Amornar left the company of Abhorash to seek out an opponent that would challenge him. But before he left he used his new found necromantic powers to raise his fallen friend as a Wright.
Together the two left to return to the west and in the old world Amornar raised an army of undead Elves to serve him in his undeath. And so does Amornar continue today to terrorize the people of the old world and seek out new opponents that he can test his prowess, so that one day he can be as powerful as mighty Abhorash and his grandfather Aenarion.

“Wow that is quite the story” said Tyr.
“That is no story young warrior, it is the truth” replied the hooded man. “But now it is late and I must be off can you please help guide me to the closest inn in exchange for the story?” Tyr agreed and got up to show the man his way. Startled again at the shear height of the man. He did not speak a word to the stranger as they passed through the streets of Middenheim. As they got to the door of the inn Tyr prepared to leave the company of the man, but was asked if he would first help the man up to his room.
Tyr did so and was about to leave when he stopped to ask one more question of the shadowy man. “How is it that you know so much about Amornar?” asked Tyr.
The man laughed a deep and eery laugh that sent chills up the spine of Tyr. “My young Teutogen, how do you think I know all of that?”
Tyr started “Well I would think that the only person that would know all that is if they were there and actually lived it........”
“Correct” yelled the figure as he threw off his cloak. Tyr had not time to react as Amornar was across the room and had his fangs in Tyr’s neck before he could even reach for his hammer. “Mmm I think I will enjoy my stay in Middenheim quite a lot.” cackled the mighty vampire.

The End
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