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04-05-2010, 00:38
i'm starting empire, and i figured that i would get a list up here for some criticism. Now i'm not the best, but not the worst player. so i kind of know what i'm doing. Now after reading over the rules, this is what i've come up with.


Arch Lector, Sword of Sigismund, Armour of Meteoric iron, Doomfire Ring-225

Warrior Priest, Dawn Armour, Sigil of Sigmar, shield-142
Warrior Priest, Holy relic, Heavy Armour, Shield, 141
Battle Wizard, 2 scrolls-115

24 Swordsmen, command-169
■10 spearmen-50
■5 handgunners-40
24 swordsmen, command-169
■10 spearmen-50
■5 handgunners-40
24 swordsmen, command-169
■10 spearmen-50
■5 handgunners-40
10 handgunners-80
5 knights, champion, musician-139
5 knights, champion-131

5 Pistoliers-90
Great cannon-100
Great cannon-100
Great cannon-100

Hellblaster volly gun-110

Power Dice-3+5 bound
Dispel Dice-7+2 scrolls

how does this look?

04-05-2010, 06:55
i like it but u could drop the spearmen detachments and take halberdiers also u could a cannon for another unit of pistolers also so it would be good to have a BSB rather than another warrior preist but over all very nice :)

Chaos Undecided
04-05-2010, 11:45
Agreed with the above really Halberds or even more swordsmen will be more useful than spears as detachments and you could drop them down to 9 for the 3x3 formation so they dont get in the way so much. With such a large infantry contingent an army standard bearer would be great to help hold the line even if it is just a basic one.

If you've only got the points to give one of your cavalry units a musician give it to the pistoliers they'll probably get more use out of it especially if you intend to use them for baiting duties.