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Ethereal Alpaca
25-05-2005, 13:35
OOC: Well, since we meant to start one up but no-one has yet, thought I'd do the honors myself. :D

"Greetings-greetings," Warlord-Marshal Alpaca said to the assembled council members before him. "It is most good-good to see that many of you returned after the Great Machine misfired despite the best efforts of Master Warlock Nick. As you can see, my slaves have started work on rebuilding all we lost before." He gestured to the foundations being laid for the new tower in the background by countless slaves. "But I will need-need help. Can you provide, oh great Horned One?" He turned to look questioningly at the massive, verminous creatures surrounded by a crackling aura of warp-lightning.

25-05-2005, 22:34
I'm not really good at making stories like these but...
what's the diference between what we'll say here and in the other thread:confused:

Ethereal Alpaca
28-05-2005, 09:21
What's in here will be "in character", and deal with stuff like challenges and battles fought, and just general interaction between the council member's skaven sides.

07-06-2005, 08:40
An excellent move Ethereal! I think this is a brilliant idea and will post in the main thread how we should move all council matters of applying here!


07-06-2005, 21:24
" You can feel supported, Marshall, since what you do is good for the Skavendom, we, mighty clan Pestilens support-support your bidding."
<clasp his hands- 3 slaves carrying a big chest enter the room>
"Take this-this, as a sign of our good-good will!"

Warlord Gnashgrod
08-06-2005, 06:40
Greetings-greetings, all.

Well, I suppose this could work for a roleplaying Council of 13 thread. Consider me a part of it.

30-08-2005, 13:40
greetings i just posted on the other thread just posting here i do more roleplaying then tactics online anyway but just saying im here with my same name.


shadow hunter
30-08-2005, 18:32

Ahh, good-good, things are being rebuilt. Soon we shall gather in strength again. Ready to overthrow the manthings, and take the Warseer site for our own... In the name of the Great Horned One.... ha ha ha ha aaaaa :evilgrin:

23-11-2005, 18:31
I guess this thread died, didn`t it? :(

25-11-2005, 15:01
Great and worthy master masters, I am but a lowly cheiftain who places the humbke forces at my disposal at the whim of the might council, that we will overthrow the man-things and rule supreme over the...

(wipes foam from mouth and is knocked out of the room)

23-02-2009, 07:05
Not 100% sure where to ask this, but this looks to be a good place to do it.

Where in the Children of the Horned Rat does it tell you how much warpstone based blackpowder/bullets cost? I might just be missing something, but I can't find it anywhere.