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04-05-2010, 12:34
Hi guys, I'm currently building a Warriors of chaos army and I have some problem with equipment for my regiments. Especially when it comes to marauders. I am going to have one unit of 5 with Marauder horsemen and also a unit of 20 with Marauders on foot. What should I give them?
And I would like to know if I should field Chaos Trolls or Chaos Ogres, or should I skip both? Last but not least, Ensorcelled weapons or lance on the knights?

All comments are welcome

04-05-2010, 13:09
Normally with my marauders on foot I prefer giving them great weapons. Alot of people give them the light armour and shield option for the 4 + save but I don't really see the point in that as they aren't really going to survive that long unless you get alot of them. I prefer to keep them small and use them to protect my stronger units. Flails also seem to be a good option, but with marauders they are the same points as great weapons, unlike the rest of the army so I normally use great weapons.

With my marauder horsemen I generally give them flails and maybe a thrown weapon to harrass the enemy unit. The thrown weapons generally only kill maybe 3 enemy models in a game but as they are cheap they normallly make their points back, but don't expect them to do amazingly. However, if I'm using them as a throw away unit I just give them flails.

05-05-2010, 15:23
Ok, I was thinking about giving flails to the Marauder horsemen and convert the flails into greatweapons for the Marauders on foot. And I would like to use greatweapons for one warrior unit aswell.

I'm also thinking about using ensorcelled weapons for my knights.
Thanks for the reply.

05-05-2010, 15:25
Blocks of mauraders should have shields. They are there for static combat res and not kills.

The horsemen on the other hand do well with flails.

In both cases, keep them as cheap as possible to leave room for the real heavy hitters.

And never take lances unless they are khorne knights (most likely going to win in one round anyway) and even then I would rather keep them cheaper and just take the EW.

05-05-2010, 15:35
I usually like hand weapon/ light ar./ shield on my mauraders, but...I recently played a game where I took 20 marauders with mark of khorne and great weapons, and they did REALLY well for me.

So it depends on what role you want them to fill, static cr (hold up a unit for a turn or two, or add some ranks to a combat) or a unit that dish out some hurt.

05-05-2010, 16:22
For the Warriors most people would suggest Great Weapons aren't the best option because you're losing out on their impressive initiative. Chaos Warriors should get to strike before anything that isn't an elf. Personally I think Halberds and Shields are the best weapon set up, that way you can either use the halberd for S5 or the Shield and Hand Weapon for a 2+ Save.
As others have said Ensorcelled Weapons all the way on the Knights
Flails and a Musician is all the Horsemen will ever need.
Marauders? Depends what they want to do. Going 6 wide, MoK and GW will do some damage. Shields, maybe Light Armour and ranks will keep them in the fight for a while or naked provides some cheap bodies on the field.

05-05-2010, 17:39
Thanks guys. I hope tha you can give me more hints and tips.

06-05-2010, 11:35
So far I have managed to figure out that I want to use 15 Warriors with great weapons, 15 warriors with handweapons and shield, 20 Marauders with greatweapons, 5 Marauder horsemen with flails, 3 Chaos trolls (or Ogres?), 10-20 warhounds, 5-10 Knights with ensorcelled weapons. 2 Spawns and 1 Hellcannon. What do you think about that?

06-05-2010, 14:51
Sounds pretty balanced 10 hounds is usually enough ( in two units of five.) two units of five nurgle knights is also pretty effective. Warriors tend to work best 6 wide against armies on 25mm bases 5 wide is ok for armies on 20mm bases.


07-05-2010, 12:18
I have problem with magic too, personally I dont like magic but my friends who play Dark Elves and Orcs and Goblins, both have a level 4. And I was thinking of taking a Sorcerer lord and have an exalted hero as general.

07-05-2010, 17:59
Taking a single mage with Infernal Puppet will make your opponents think twice about casting any of the nasty big spells. Orc miscasts are dangerous enough already without a -d3 modifier to the result. Heads will be popping left, right and center! I'd strongly recommend a L2 Tzeentch character with Puppet and whatever else you can squeeze in for a defensive item. If you get Pandemonium, all the better! Throw 1 dice at Flickering Fire and then the remaining 3 at Pandemonium and you're laughing. Mark of Nurgle can be fun too to boost your units a bit with regen and/or snipe his mages with Buboes.

07-05-2010, 18:24
Thanks for the advice, sounds like a lot of fun. I have played WoC before but just undivided and very "simple" with basic warriors, marauders and knights and just a level 1 sorcerer. But when it comes to marks I guess Khorne and Nurgle sounds like the best alternative.

08-05-2010, 17:49
Depends on the unit. MoSlaanesh is invaluable on things like Marauder horsemen and regular marauders. I've also found it to be worth it on things like warriors and chosen as well. My knights are either nurgle or khorne, depending on how many doggies I can squeeze in to screen for frenzy.

Slaanesh on infantry is something I will always recommend, just because the immunity to panic can be worth it's weight in gold, and for only 10pts it's one of the best values in the whole army book, imho anyway.

08-05-2010, 19:22
I've used and sworn by unmarked Chaos Knights for some time now... but today, NOT FOR THE FIRST OR TENTH TIME I MIGHT ADD, a Helblaster blew my unit to the dogmeat factory. So disillusioned and without hope I'm going Nurgle for Knights hereafter.

As for Big Guys: Stupid Dark Elf units (who themselves are Ld9) are tolerable. Stupid Trolls that need to be babysat by your General to be reliable? Not recommended.
Chaos Ogres I do not find easy to use. What they really want is a nice soft target - preferably WS2, without too many ranks. But as I mainly face Empire, they never find that. Rather innumerable missiles that easily wear them down and obliterate them, sigh. Despite their higher cost, I find Dragon Ogres better Big Guys.

+1 for Cartoon's views on Mark of Slaanesh for infantry.

John Vaughan
08-05-2010, 19:34
Mark of Slaanesh is kinda redundant for immunity to panic, since you can reroll it anyways. Immunity to fear/terror is what's important, especially against daemons/undead.

For knights, I personally suggest Mark of Tzeentch and the Blasted Standard. They're going to be prime targets for heavy shooting, since they're your hardest hitting unit. Giving that additional 4+ ward has saved them time and time again.

For marauders (on foot), I typically use flails, since they are cheaper, and because my marauders don't typically last longer than one combat phase, and getting in those S5 attacks is where it counts.

As far as fighting against magic, you can take Fury of the Blood God or the Collar of Khorne to give your characters MR2. Just put two characters with MR2 in your warriors units, one in each. I like scroll caddies, and ditto what's been said regarding the Infernal Puppet. BEST. ITEM. EVER.

08-05-2010, 20:01
I've had Chaos Mortals for about twenty years now and times really have changed, only to come right back again!

Marauders are great, and anyone using them in defensive blocks should be flogged to death with lemon-scented bootlaces! I throw mine out in blocks of ten with flails (only because the old box set came with nothing else), no protection (a 5+ save doesn't go far) and the Mark of Nurgle. This I feel is the best protection they can get. They screen your Warriors nicely and you can save a few points by leaving Warrior shields at home and bringing Great Weapons instead. If they die, then so be it. They are there like Skavenslaves and Gobbos to allow the big boys to get stuck in.

Marauder horse are one or the other. Tool them up with everything then you add a decent fighting mage and they're great. Leave them in the light role with spears and they make good flankers alongside hard-hitting infantry or cavalry. The Mark of Nurgle makes up for any slack effects here as well.

Other than what I said above, everyone else seems to be saying what I would, so I will leave it there.

08-05-2010, 20:42
I throw [Marauders] out in blocks of ten with flails (only because the old box set came with nothing else), no protection (a 5+ save doesn't go far) and the Mark of Nurgle.

You don't find the Nurgle-mark a bit expensive for fifty-point units? Considering it does nothing against magic missiles, and nothing psychology-wise?

08-05-2010, 21:48
I agree that MoN is too expensive for Marauders. If you give it to a unit of 10 as you said, that means you're paying 3 points per Marauder. That's a 60% increase in cost (counting the flails). My thought is that I'm glad if they're shooting Marauders, as it means they're not shooting anything else. And if you give them the much cheaper Mark of Slaanesh, you don't have to worry about them panicking when they take 25% casualties.

In the last couple games I played, I used a big block of Marauders with great weapons and Mark of Khorne. They never performed as well as I wanted though, even with two characters in the unit, so next time I get a game I'm switching them to MoS with LA+shield. That should make them last longer, and I'll just rely on the characters + static combat res to win combats.

I really like my horsemen with MoS, flails and throwing axes (and musician). They're great baite and redirectors, they can shoot to harass stuff, and they can wipe out fast cav, skirmishers or war machines with a charge. They can also hit in a flank to remove ranks and kill a little, though they're awfully squishy. For the feigned flight and warmachine hunting alone, though, I think they're wonderful.

Admittedly they could probably do without the throwing axes, saving 10 points. I like 'em though, as it gives them something to do while they're forcing enemies off at odd angles.

10-05-2010, 10:57
Thanks for all the advice. I have only played Undivided but it seems from your posts that you have different opinions about marks. But I feel that Nurgle will work on my knights as I like rhe colorscheme on Nurgle Knights. And I can see Why mark of Slaanesh is good but I dont like the colors. As goes for Khorne, I find it rather hard to make red armour look good. And regarding the use of Trolls and Ogres I think that I will use Ogres as a result of the babysitting on the trolls.

10-05-2010, 15:04
Ah. I am... less concerned with painting the models the "right" colors for the marks. I think it's a bit silly, really. I like a more unified look to my army. I'm thinking of painting some Slaanesh warriors with very bright, shiny chrome armor to reflect the vanity idea, but that way they still look good in the army as a whole. I don't much care for having a unit of purple marauders, a unit of green warriors, a unit of red knights and a blue sorcerer. It's just goofy looking.

Right now all of my painted stuff is I guess "undivided" colored, with metallic black armor, bronze/gold details and red leather/cloaks.

10-05-2010, 15:14
I know that it sounds stupid to think of the looks but the army seems so "divided" when you have too many marks and colors between the units.

11-05-2010, 10:53
I know that it sounds stupid to think of the looks but the army seems so "divided" when you have too many marks and colors between the units.


and if you decide you want a difrent god on a unit you have to repaint them. best go with an undivided look and and later you van ad good specific units.
like if you already have 2 units of undivided knights paint the 3e one like the mark you know you are going to give them and use that unit only if you have given them the mark in your list. you have than 2 undivided looking knights with can have any mark you want.

this also gives you the edge of not giving away what mark you unit has. because you dont have to tell you opponent until the mark starts effecting the game.

11-05-2010, 18:58
I'm thinking since the marks are so expensive I plan to use mark of Nurgle on one unit of Knights and on the Warriors with greatweapons. The -1 on BS or WS will hopefully keep them alive a little bit longer. But I havent figured out if I should have the Exalted heroes on mounts, as goes for the sorcerer.

11-05-2010, 19:04
Does it really matter what colour you paint them when your playing games?

I think im going to paint all my warriors in Slaaneshi theme - simply because I like the scheme.

Does that mean I would have to play them with MoS, or would it be feasible to chop and change them?

12-05-2010, 05:02
I would say that you can paint your miniatures just the way you like, just tell your opponent that you doesn't use mark of Slaanesh.

13-05-2010, 15:24
I was thinking, If you have played Warhammer online: age of reckoning. The color on the Chaos Chosen are very nice, like my avatar. Its not bright or shiny. And yet blue(ish). And it might work if you like the mark of Slaanesh but not the colorscheme from the book.