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04-05-2010, 14:32
Hey, this is basically as the title says my first shot at a tournament list for the Skaven at 2000 pts. I play tested this list over the weekend against a friend of mine using the vampire counts and had a nice massacre victory. Basically just looking for some comments and thoughts on what to do to improve it. This list is something of my own design, not using anything that I've read, so it might be terrible. So, here we go.


Grey Seer
2x Warpstone Tokens
Dispell Scroll


Plague Priest
Extra Hand Weapon
Plague Furnace

Warlock Engineer
Lvl 2 wiz
Warp energy condenser
Dispell Scroll

Weeping Blade


Skavenslaves x20
skavenslaves x20

Clanrats x 25
full command
Rattling Gun

Clanrats x 25
full command
Rattling Gun


Plague Monks x 30
Full command

Warplock Jezzails x 5


HPA w/ spikes


There you have it. The Jezzails and Rattling guns didn't really do much of anything so I am considering replacing them with 2 groups of 10 poisoned wind globadiers. Any help would be awesome. Thanks guys.

04-05-2010, 16:28
Few things, I think the plague priest should have a flail instead of extra hw, 4 str 6 attacks is nasty. Plus he should either get shadow magnet trinket or the warp scroll(the latter is a really nasty item). Stormbanner is the best banner skaven have, you should stick it on your plague monks!(also one of the few worth taking :rolleyes:) You also might want to lose the warpstone tokens off the grey seer(remember he gets some for free) and make the plague priest lvl 2. Plague magic is short range but most of it doesn't need LOS.

04-05-2010, 17:11
Ratling guns and jezzails can be useful if there's a specific target you want to shoot at. Globadiers are pretty bad IMO, I'd recommend censer bearers instead and maybe try replacing the ratling guns with warpfire throwers.

04-05-2010, 18:44
Just a few things.

- tokens aren't worth it. Power stones are better by far.
- priest should be level 2, and give him a flail (but not a censor!). Shadow Magnet Trinket is worth it. Put it on your priest.
- you don't have nearly enough models. I'd drop the assassin personally and add 2 more units of slaves and 6 PCB. This way your not spending half your points on characters either.
- this is just my opinion, but I prefer the +1 save from HWS over spears. Save the points and just add more models to the unit.
- you may have a lot of shooting but you really may want to consider the storm banner. It may just prevent your furnace from dying to a cannon ball on turn one.

Just some thoughts but youre on the right track.

06-05-2010, 13:36
Great! Thanks guys! I would like to address a couple of things that you've mentioned. Zoolander mentioned about needing more models. I find that when I field alot of models I have a difficult time getting what I want where I need it. I just find that with that many units my side of the board just gets congested. I like the idea of the plague censor bearers, however recently I've been questioning their usefulness. No doubt that they kill whatever they hit on the first round of combat, but it seems that with a unit that small they would simply be crushed from either their own censors or just losing combats.

As for the suggestion to use the shadow magnet trinket I would normally take it, however this is just the list I used this past weekend and I knew I would be playing vampire counts which have no shooting, so it would have been a waste of points. Ordinarily I would definitely take it in my lists. And now that I think about it yeah the tokens are a huge waste. Power stones from now on.

Thanks guys. Any more tips would be appreciated.