View Full Version : Rakarskia: An Affair of Steel

Awilla the Hun
04-05-2010, 17:19
This is a little fantasy story that I've been working on for some years, and am trying to start again. Some day, hopefully, it will become a moderately popular novel. Some day. At the moment, it's been buzzing around in my head, making itself irritating and useful in equal measures.

Two things: firstly, it definitely has some elements of warhammer in it. Some. In that the secret police is the Inquisition with that sort of big hat, that the army has a Political Commissariat, and that the arguable "protagonists" are from a totalitarian dictatorship dedicated to resisting magic users.

Secondly, despite my characters speaking in a language similar to that of the overexcited, babbling fanatic in the Red Guards battle reports (or me when playing with said Red Guards), it is generally serious. Not without occasional jokes cracked by characters, mind, but serious.

Now, Comrades: here is the link.