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04-05-2010, 19:13
My gaming group is doing a tale of X gamers for 8th edition so I decided that would be the best time to get into WFB.
I decided on skaven.
Are spears worth it on clanrats ? If I remove them I could get another 30pts which could be used for more censor bearers.

Warlord,enchanted Shield,warlitter,foul pendant,weeping blade 198

Engineer-level 2, Shadow pendant, Warp energy condenser-150
Engineer-Level 2,powerstone,dispel scroll-145

30 Clanrats,spears,shields,full command,Doomflayer-225
30 Clanrats,spears,shields,full command,Doom flayer-225
30 Clanrats,shields,full command,warpfire thrower-230
21 slaves,musican-44
21 slaves,musican-44
21 slaves,-42

5xWarplock Jezzails-100
5xWarplock Jezzails-100
20x Plague monks,Banner,musican-155
7x Plague censor bearers-65

Doom Wheel-150

05-05-2010, 13:07
no spears or champs on rats, and unless they have a hero inside, 25 man units are considered better, at least from what I've seen. Try to get some giant rats too. From the battalion box sprues you can make at least 24 of them, when they advertise only 6. And I've never been a fan of either musicians or the 21st rat on the slave units but its your choice to keep them or not I guess. I just figure I'd save a few points because I only use them as suicide squads anyways, extra man doesn't help all that much for that purpose. You save ten points doing that, and even more from losing spears, and you should maybe think of either beefing up the monks unit or ditching them, they would be the shooting target and would die too fast with that small of a unit. If you added another PCB unit instead of them, you'd still have enough hitting power with your guns, warlord, and doomflayers, plus 2 pcb units and you have no problem dealing lots of damage. So either get a plague furnace for those monks, or ditch em unless you really like them (I don't, but that's just me).

What I do agree with is more censor bearers. But definitely more giant rat for the flank that doesn't have doomwheel on it.

06-05-2010, 05:43
Drop the warlord. Put a Grey Seer on a Screaming Bell. game set and match. =)

06-05-2010, 09:16
Thanks Roarschach will take in to account what you said and have a little edit.

I do love the screaming bell but I dont see it being that good. The rolls are pretty bad and yes it can give you 360 LOS but that is not worth it.
I dont really like the plaguemonks that much either from a fluff point of view but I have the models from the battalion box so thought I should use them.
Also if I drop the warlord I dont even have points for a grey seer.

06-05-2010, 11:22
Drop the jezzails and go another unit of censors :)

06-05-2010, 12:22
The Jezzails where there to deal with small units of knights or cav. But I would not mind dropping them, mainly as 10 of them would cost me 60 !.
When I get back home I will have a quick edit and post that up and see if its any better.