View Full Version : Big Hats vs. Bretts

05-05-2010, 11:21
I have a match coming up with my roommates Bretts soon. 2250 and this is the first time we've gotten this high points wise. So here we go.

Bullcentaur hero w furnace armor(4as/5ward), shield and GW.
Bull centaur BSB w warbanner and HA
Hobgoblin hero w wolf HA shield and Gauntlets of +1 str

3x10 Blunderbuss units
2x15 Chaos Dwarf Warriors with musc, banner, and GW
2x25 Chaos Dwarf Warrios w musc banner (one has banner of slavery)
24 hobgoblins w la, shield and musc banner
25 hobgoblins w la, shield musc and banner
4x15 naked hobs
Earthshaker cannon
4 BT

This list will mainly go against Bretts and maybe regular dawi. He will likely only have a unit or two of bowmen and probably light magic.