View Full Version : A call to all you brummie types!

05-05-2010, 20:13
Does anyone in Brum know where I can buy plastruct stuff? There's antics in Cov but it's a bit of a schlep (not so bad in the sun on the bike, but miserably dull in the rain on the M6...). I've had a squiz on google and not shown up any results, but that's often because model shops don't have particularly detailed websites. Any help, greatly appreciated.

05-05-2010, 22:26
Here (http://www.modelclubs.co.uk/modelshops.php/West_Midlands/68/1/) is a list of model shops to try out perhaps?
(Search-fu only, no actual knowledge of said shops)

otherwise i think spacker might have an idea (more search-fu)

and if you aren't averse to online buying

a place (http://www.modelclubs.co.uk/modelshops.php/West_Midlands/68/1/)
another place (http://www.modellersmate.co.uk/plastruct.htm)
a third place (http://www.anticsonline.co.uk/2141_1.html)


05-05-2010, 23:23
I know enough online emporiums to feed my plastic addictions for years to come... I want some tomorrow, my guardsmen want armoured tracks and they want them now. Demanding little blighters, I know I spoil them...