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lord marcus
05-05-2010, 22:39
Hello all. This past weekend I attended The warhammer fantasy tournament at Recon, and event hosted by HMGS-south chapter, of which I am a proud member. I decided to add to my youtube blog by starting a battle report chain for the event:


05-05-2010, 23:41
What might be good, is if you added comments inbetween the pictures to say what happened. Another point is that you could also say what armies are fighting and the lists in the original post. Thanks for putting up a report as so few people do, myself included, but it was hard to work out what had happened.

lord marcus
05-05-2010, 23:52
I apologize for that. I am using windows movie maker for my videos, and as such i thought it best not to try and add in excess text in between pictures, as that might slow it down and also detract by giving people too much blue screen to look at.

Again i apologize. I will try to correct this with the next video.

06-05-2010, 08:43
Liked the music lol.
Was that Kroak?

06-05-2010, 15:05
Oh, so there is no audio?

(Obviously haven't watched it yet.)

06-05-2010, 15:19
Lord marcus- very novel approach to battle reports, very quick and easy to watch I guess :)

Mal- its a short video of music to pictures apart from 30 seconds or so of before and after chat.

06-05-2010, 16:19
Aww, too bad... I was looking forward to listening to this one during my drive back home :(

I'll still watch it this weekend though :)

lord marcus
06-05-2010, 21:20
ya mal. sorry bud. it was a tournament, and i'm using a regular camera's video function which drains the battery. In order to get three reports on one charge i had to prioritize.

@ Seabo = no, its just a regular slann, although the model is kroak.

06-05-2010, 21:36
I liked it, fast paced and good music, although I agree some comments about what happened would have been nice :)