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Your Mum Rang
19-02-2006, 11:53
Hello all! Recently I've been considering a 1000pts Wood Elf list but i wanted something a little more fun than a WAAC list.

I feel that at smaller points games if your plans are disrupted then its much worse than at say, 2000pts as you have fewer units to use as backups.

So this led me to begin thinking of a nice fun army that is simply there to create mischief in the emeny lines. The WE have some good options for this in their units and their magic items. So could I suggest a few and you guys either slap me down or suggest some ways to use them?

1: Starfire arrows. A couple of Nobles with these could do a fair bit of damage to low leadership/lightly armoured enemies. Forcing one or 2 panic tests a turn on an enemy unit will hopefully panic them off the board and could even (especially against Skaven/Gobbo's etc) cause a chain reaction and make the whole army leg it!

2: Moonstone of the Hidden ways. The ability to teleport a unit of Wardancers or Eternal guard (I prefer EG as you can get more models into a wood - 12-15) to behind the opponent or on his flanks would be nice and disruptive.

3: Great Eagles for obvious reasons.

4: To a lesser extent both Arcane Bodkins and A Pageant of Shrikes can take out those important mages and heavy cavalry.

So I was thinking of getting mainly archers (40 odd), 2 Nobles with the above kit, an Eagle and then either Wardancers/Eternal Guard/Wild Riders. Altough I think Glade Riders would also be important.

So what do you think?

19-02-2006, 12:12
I'd say that Waywatchers cause a lot more disruption in your enemys lines than Great Eagles, they marchblock just as well, and, the first battle, they scare the crap out of the enemy.

19-02-2006, 15:45
With starfire arrows, only one character in the army can have them, same with any other magic items except scrolls and power stones and other items as noted, like gnoblar thiefstones.

I use a similar tactic in small games, 500-1500, for 1000 I'd go with somthing like,

Lvl 2 mage, calingors stave, befudlement of mischiefs, and always drop one of the spells to tree singing.
2 units of 10 glade guard
6 wild riders with standard
2 units of 8 war dancers with musician
great eagle
5 scouts
5 glade riders

Although you could swap the scouts and glade riders for extra characters, ive thought about a second mage with the paegant of shrikes and starfire arrows, or a scouting noble with the same combination.

19-02-2006, 23:28
What does WAAC stand for?

Your Mum Rang
20-02-2006, 00:09
Win at all costs.