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07-05-2010, 21:21
here it is,

Vlad von carstein = 490pts

isabella von carstein = 90pts

konrad von carstein = 145pts

wright king w/ skeletel steed,BSB and sword of kings = 140pts

vampire w/ infinate hatred = 125pts

vampire w/ additonal magic level and mounted on nightmare = 138pts

20 zombies w/full comand = 92pts X2

5 dire wolves = 40pts X2

20 skeletons w/f.command,banner of dead legion = 205pts

20 crypt ghouls w/ crypt ghost =168pts

2 corpse cart = 200pts

5 black knights w/f.command , standerd on hellish vigour = 185pts

5 black knights w. f.command = 160pts

5 cairn wraiths w/ tomb banshee = 275pts

5 blood knights w/ full command and flag of blood keep = 380pts


Hope you like it,I will touch on some on the choices and the tactital reason for them:

dire wolves = honestly, they are a 'smoke screen/shield' for the blood knights from missle and catapult fire, the trick is let the wolves go ahead them once the knights are in charge range move the wolves out the way :D

corpse cart = purely for the bound spell :D

the zombies are to basically bog down the battle field

the whole army is undead so ofcourse fear/terror tests will come into play for the opponent so if my opponent is very smug because hes immune to psycology i just say hello to the tomb banshee :D

07-05-2010, 22:20
So why not Manfred the Acolyte? At 3000pts you could have the full house for a themed army.

07-05-2010, 22:35
So why not Manfred the Acolyte? At 3000pts you could have the full house for a themed army.

what would you suggest i drop for manfred?

thank you for the comment

07-05-2010, 22:40
Nothing really. I'm not suggesting he's a sound tactical choice, never used him to be honest. It just looks like you started out with a theme then dropped the idea half way through. Was wondering if there was a reason for his exclusion.

08-05-2010, 03:28
You can drop zombies. They can always be summoned into the game though I would drop your second vampire that's mounted and add Mannfred. Mannfred the Acolyte costs 185 points. 205 if you mount him on a barded nightmare.

08-05-2010, 13:47
also in the 8th edition would this list be legal

09-05-2010, 00:26
How do we know? all we know about 8th edition is rumours. Why would he base a list on rumours?