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07-05-2010, 22:51
So I accidently started a skaven army after an impulse purchase of an army box and rule book. I've exclusively played Vampire Counts since I started WFB about 10 years ago so am entering the scary realm of shooting and psychology tests. I figured they seemed pretty much the furthest I could get from my reliable Blood Dragon army and should be a change of pace for my regular opponent. Plus no-one I know plays them already.

So I'm looking for some general pointers from any veteran Warlords out there. From initial reads Clan Skyre appeal to me most, with Moulder not really doing much for me. At present I have the battalion and am waiting on a few ebay bids to close to add a general and some support, so I can tailor my future purchases to balance what I like with what works. But what works for skaven? Any good tips to make the most of my troops? Any sneaky tactics a skaven player should know? Any cheesy power lists I should avoid?

07-05-2010, 23:19

That is a skaven forum that you could find some use out of of. Although a lot of the tactics articles are still a little out of date. Welcome to the 'master race'. I too started skaven about a month ago, and have found that site really useful.

08-05-2010, 01:01
If you want to do Skryre then I suggest

2 lvl 2 Warlocks on with the Doomrocket and 1 has a scroll
Cheap Bsb
Cheap Warlord
2-3 units of 25 clanrats with 2-3 weapon teams
3-4 units of 20 slaves
2 units of 8-10 Globadiers
1-2 Units of 5-6 Jezzails
Warplightning Cannon

There that should be around 2250 or 2k. Gives you a decent mix of combat and shooting and still kind of a cool theme.

I would avoid double doomwheel and magic spam because these lists can be very powerful.

Always always take plenty of slaves. They are hands down the best point for point infantry in the game. They are so expendable you can use them to get easy table quarters, bait nasty units for flank charges, throw them in movement lanes to clog the enemy advance, use as meat shields to protect your expenive stuff, let the doomwheel shoot them instead of your more expensive stuff and so many other possibilties.

09-05-2010, 22:21
Cheers. That gives me some things to consider while building up stuff. :)