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immortal git
07-05-2010, 23:24
Great unclean one
level 4

herald of nurgle
standard of sundering/ unholy victory, dependant on army
reroll wounds

herald of tzeentch

Herald of khorne
armor of khorne

15 plaugebearers
banner of seeping decay

15 bloodletters
d6 charge banner

11 pink horrors

5 flesh hounds

4 flamers

this is round about 2000, might be a little over im not sure because i added it up in my head, just wanted your opinion

Tzeentch Lord X7
09-05-2010, 02:10
drop one horror and add one blood letter then your blood letters with the herald will be 5 wide and 4 deep other than that sounds good but its not as cheesy as it could be.

09-05-2010, 14:17
I am a bit puzzled by your army list. Individually your untis are good but don’t quite come together for an effective list in my humble opinion. Maybe if you explained more what you were trying to do with it or your reasoning for certain choices I might understand what you are going for. I had a similar list I used in a tournament, so I will say what I think:

Great Unclean one –

PRO: good unit, you made a very strong spells caster, and the trappings are a good idea.

CON: He must take up a lot of points. Maybe drop him down to level 2 or 3 and take out the staff. You have… 6 dispell dice and a scroll (which is good), your magic is strong enough but I cannot see you getting the bound spell in the staff off the ground all that much. It is a good one, but I can never manage it.

Having played a lot with a great unclean one, a bloodthirster with immortal fury and armour of khorne is much better for much less. Just try one out, even a proxy, just to see.

HoN –

PRO: Another good choice, especially for a bsb, as he is tough.

CON: I am not sure about the particular standard though, but I think that is more something for you to figure out yourself.

HoT -

PRO: Good to have a mage

CON: Drop the flames, Master of Sorcery rocks.

HoK -

PRO: From a solid unit of BL sniper charge him out on the jugger, but might be just as good on foot with them considering the banner and giving him armour of khorne and spell breaker if he has the option (Can’t remember if he does).

CON: expensive, consider changing.

Plaugebearers: Try to add about 5 models to the unit, everything else is fine

Bloodletters: as plaguebearers

Horrors: drop the musician and try to add another unit of 10 for extra dispel dice. I can understand why you might want a musician, but if you get these guys into combat and you need one, you are not playing with the unit correctly at all. All about trimming the fat.

Flesh hounds are always good, and with the flamers, I would try to max out the unit, but otherwise your army is nice and balanced, but still capable.

immortal git
10-05-2010, 01:41
armour of khorne
dark insanity
immortal fury

Herald of nurgle
standard of sundering

herald of tzeentch
master of sorcery

herald of khorne
armour of khorne

17 plaugebearers
command, standard of seeping decay

17 bloodletters
banner of endless war

11 pink horrors

5 flesh hounds

3 flamers

exactly 2000 this time

just to note - that this army could be cheesier, thats a good thing in my books thst it isnt very cheesy. i want people to play me and not mind playing me again, instead of avoiding me because i have filthy daemons.

@ mage, cheers for the advice, im unsure on the idea of this list, it can take a lot of damage and then deal it back harder, it has a lot of good points but because im not a very experienced gamer it tends to not fufill its full potential.

10-05-2010, 11:11
I used a similar army to yours in the Irish Warhammer Grand tournament last year. Not as big as most GTs or UK events, but I still came in the top 20 with it. The best advice I can give you is keep playing and playing with the same list for a while. Even if you lose a few times, practice with an army is great.

Good Hunting!