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08-05-2010, 23:42
-Lords & Heros-
-LVL 4 Dark Sorceress: D.Peg, Black staff, Pendant *400 pts
-LVL 2 Fire Sorceress: Tomb *150 Pts
-LVL 2 Death Sorceress: Cloak, Dispel Scroll *185 Pts

-5 Dark Riders: R. Crossbows, Musician *117 Pts
-5 Dark Riders: R. Crossbows, Musician *117 Pts
-5 Dark Riders: R. Crossbows, Musician *117 Pts

-9 Shades: Great weps *162 Pts
-5 Cold Ones: Musician *143 Pts
-18 Blackguard:Tower master w/ Crimson Death, Musician, and Hag banner *329 Pts

-War Hydra *175 Pts
-Reaper Bolt Thrower *100 Pts

Power Dice (W/O PoD):11
Dispel Dice: 6
52 Models on Field
1995 Pts

what do you think, im new to WHFB, im a DE player in 40K, and i started playing DE in WHFB b/c i love the models and there DE in the past :)

also i am thinking of putting my sorceresses in a big thing of executioners, but the stubborn is nice and the immune to psychology is nice too

09-05-2010, 00:07
reduce the shades to two units of 5 without gw's and you have yourself a good list.

09-05-2010, 01:21
Interesting list mate, your lord choice is going to be alittle vulnerable so be careful and make sure you know the rules for flyers. The thing I'd worry about with this list is it's squishy as heck, and while the bg is good it isn't the deathstar that holds the army together. I'd say the list could do really well or really badly, mostly depending on what you roll in the magic phase.