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09-05-2010, 03:18
last night i was playing a gave and we could not tell (the rules dont say anything about it to my knowledge) can a flying creature land ontop of impassable terrain? for example we had 2 cliff sides on eather side of the table with a flat area on top like a plateau on the short edges of the table, i landed on it, and my opponent said i cant because its impassable terrain, i argued that it does not say anything about landing on top of impassable in the rules, as i was refering to 40K and skimers being pretty much the same thing in this case, with him coming back with it would be unfair (my sorceress was on a flying mount) that she could sit up there and throw spells and stay safe for the most part, and my gaming group we all like to play by the rules no questions asked, so whats the verdict? what we did do meet in the middle until we know for sure was i could not stay up there for 2 consecutive turns, but for shooing he would get +2 for shooting at her while shes up there (he only had 1 ranged unit)

another weird question i have, i know i read it somewhere, units only take a terror test one time per game right? (i had a hydra) EX hydra within 6" causes black orks to take a terror check in the beginning of there turn they flee and the beginning of there next turn (i dont charge i use breath wep in this example) they are within 6" again they dont have to take another test do they? i told him he didnt, but he insisted he did, if they dont, please give me a page #, i cant seem to find it

like i said my gaming group prefers to play by the rules, and we are all learning the game.

09-05-2010, 03:52
I would say that you can't end your movement in impassable terrain. The reason for this is why would a dragon be able to do it when Ethereal troops (black knights, cairn wraiths) cannot. Your thinking of tiered terrain, like in 40k, you could have called it a difficult movement to get up to the top with normal troops.

Only one terror test per unit per game (page 51 of the BRB).

09-05-2010, 04:33
Indeed you cannot end your move in impassible terrain. However, if the top of the terrain is flat I'd personally rule it as open terrain (only the cliff itself would be impassible). If you had both agreed that the whole thing was impassable, though, the fliers couldn't have landed there.

And yes, +1 on Ridarsin for the terror question. Only one terror test per unit per game.

09-05-2010, 19:07
Terrain is something you should talk about before the game starts. If you consider a piece to be part open and part impassable, both sides need to be clear about that.