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Entreri Bloodletter
09-05-2010, 10:31
So this is a battle report using a pretty unconventional Dark Elf list that I came up with a few days ago. The original theme of the list was to be extremely mobile and use Shadow magic to propel assasins wherever I needed them. I actually got to play two games with them, the first game went by pretty quickly, I think he conceded at the bottom of turn three.

I had:

Level 2 Sorceress on Pegasus - Lifetaker, Tome of Furion, Biting Blade(had exactly 5 extra points, so why not?) - 230
Level 2 Sorceress - Sacrificial Dagger, Scroll - 185
BSB on Pegasus Standard of Slaughter, lance, shield, SDC, heavy armor, pair of repeater handbows 220
Assasin - Manbane, Rending Stars, Cloak of Twilight, AHW - 171
Assasin - Touch of Death, Rune of Khaine, Black Lotus, AHW - 171

5 Dark Riders, RXB, mus - 117
5 Dark Riders, RXB, mus - 117
24 Spearmen, shields, FC, Warbanner - 208
5 Harpies - 55
5 Harpies - 55
5 Harpies - 55

6 Shades, GW - 108
6 Shades, GW - 108
5 CoK - 135
5 CoK - 135

1 Hydra - 175
Total: 2250

He was also dark elves and was modeling his army off of the rumoured 8th edition changes. He had roughly

Dreadlord, Pendant, magic weapon, stuff
Level 2 Sorceress, Darkstar, Scroll
BSB with stuff

2x20 Spears
10 RXB
5 Dark Riders
10 Shades
20 BF, FC, ASF, Dreadlord goes here
1 Hydra
2x10 Handbow Corsairs

I won't go into a detailed analysis but highlights of the game include:

Drew a scroll after my assasin tried to fly and charge his RBT
Pit of Shades killed his hydra turn 2
My hydra + shooting reduced 20 BG to 7 turn 2
Harpies assasinated his lvl 2 during turn 2 after he miscast turn 1 and took a wound
Turn 3 I ran destroyed his BG with my hydra, assasin and BSB
Also killed a spearmen unit with BSB

At the bottom of turn 3 he had 1 RBT, two units of corsairs, 1 unit of shades, and a spearmen unit about to be flanked. I lost an assasin and my BSB( lost to ASF against BG but the hydra killed the rest and autobroke the dreadlord)

The second game was much closer and this time against wood elves. I had the same list as above and he had roughly:

Lord with shooting 4 times, no armor save arrows

3x10 Glade Guard
20 Glade Guard, FC, Standard of always stand and shoot
2x5 Glade Riders
2x8 Dryads
6 Wild Riders, FC, Warbanner
2 Treeman

I deployed with a (mostly) refused flank deployment. I had shades, dark riders, harpies and CoK near the left flank. The spears were in the middle. On the right I had everything else.

He was pretty spread out, the wild riders, some glade guard and some glade riders were opposite me on the left. In the center he had 2 more units of glade guard screened by the dryads. On the right he had two treeman in a forest, some more glade riders and the 20 strong glade guard unit.

Pregame thoughts:

I knew I had to close in fast otherwise his shooting would decimate my fragile troops. I had magical superiority and rolled some useful spells (Got unseen lurker and Pit of shades on the peg sorceress) so that would be helpful. Both sorceresses also took the default steed of shadows.

Turn 1 DE

I reveal both my assasins and fly them into combat with some dryads screening his archers. Everything else on the right flank moves up aggressively- I try and Unseen lurker my CoK into the dryads as well but they are half an inch short. I probably should have used PoS against a treeman but I was hoping to jump the cavalry in very quickly. Shooting kills a couple scattered models but nothing much. In combat one assasin takes a wound but I win by two and he holds.

Turn 1 WE

No charges, moves the left flank troops around the hill there on his side. His treemen strangleroot my CoK and wounds them 7 times- I save 6 of them needing 4's to save:D but then his lord goes and kills the rest of them with the no AS arrows. My hydra panics and flees through some shades who also panic and flee. Aww crap... My assasins break his dryads and one hits his glade guard with FC and lord.

Turn 2 DE

My other assasin charges in to the glade guard with lord. My hydra and shades rally. Harpies move to march block treemen. My remaining CoK fail stupidity and are about to be flank charged by dryads so I move my dark riders to redirect them away from the flank. Shooting once again is scattered results- a few dead models but nothing much. Lifetaker however is awesome and keeps killing 1-2 models every turn. My sorceress unseen lurkers my BSB on Pegasus into his lord's unit. In combat I win by around 9 and break him and run him down.

Turn 2 WE

The left flank troops continue to advance towards the center of the battlefield. Glade riders try and bait CoK. Dryads charge dark riders and kill them all and overrun into my backfield. Glade guard units shuffle and backwards wheel a bit. Treeman strangles the harpies to death. The other treeman comes out of the woods. Shooting kills some dark riders and a shade, and 1 CoK.

Turn 3 DE

My Peg BSB and assasin come back on the board and move towards the remaining glade guard in his left deployment zone. My other assasin charges some glade guard- they flee and get away. My left shades charge some glade riders- they flee and get away. My hydra moves up towards the dryads in my backfield. I try and fly my assasin into more archers with bound item- was dispelled. My other sorceresses make my spearmen cause fear and my peg sorceress casts unseen lurker on my hydra who charges the dryads, beats them and overruns almost hitting his wild riders.

Turn 3 WE

Wild riders charge my hydra to the front. Treeman charges spears to the front. He manuevers so that 19 glade guard can shoot my peg BSB and 5 glade riders can shoot my wounded assasin. With all those shots, about half of them S4 he does 2 wounds to the pegasus and none to the BSB (BSB had taken a wound previously from shooting though). He also doesn't get the assasin :D His wild riders charge in and kill a beastmaster and does a wound to the hydra, I swing back and do like 5-6 wounds but he saves all but two. He wins by 3......and I roll snake eyes! His treeman charges in, kills the sorceress and two spearmen. I actually do a wound back, he fails his stubborn 8 and I run him down.

At this point he concedes

Win to the Dark Elves!

I was very impressed with shadow magic for this army. The Pegasus Sorceress is definitely the MVP casting Unseen Lurker 3 times and killing a bunch of wood elves with lifetaker. The army is so incredibly fast and the ability to fly assasins or double move my CoK or hydra is gamebreaking. I can also pretty much redeploy the army on a whim with 7 units that either move 18 or can fly- with the potential for 2 assasins to fly around as well. I'm undecided on whether to keep the BSB, he worked alright but I'm wondering if replacing him with either another sorceress or a CoB would be more worthwhile. In both battles I was lucky to be facing not very high magic defense, if I was against some more DD and scrolls things would probably be different. Anyway thanks for reading, there may be another game for this army next week- against Skaven.

I had a few lucky breaks near the end of the game, if the wild riders had broken the hydra it would have caused problems and the treeman breaking in 1 round of combat was also very lucky for me. Overall it was a fun game with lots of tricksy movement that I couldn't really detail but was crucial to the overall game.

09-05-2010, 10:46
extremely mobile army. Please do a rep against the skaven.

Changing the bsb for more magic might be a good idea

09-05-2010, 12:04
Really like your list, nothing overpowered or cheese, but still competing in every phase.
Also, please keep them reports coming :-)
PS: I think your Sorceress on Pegasus is illegal because of the Biting Blade, now she has 2 magic weapons i think ( lifetaker+ biting blade). Not that i would mind going against it or it is crucial for the game, but I'm thinking if you're going to a tournament, you might want to change that.


09-05-2010, 20:54
Very off-the-wall list lol. And dangerous too!
Looking forward to seeing more :D
However the PegSorc is illegal....2 magicweaps....

09-05-2010, 22:03
However the PegSorc is illegal....2 magicweaps....

It's always when you are just getting rid of free points that you make mistakes like that :)

Nice battle and some bad luck for your opponent. I actually thought his list was a good counter to yours.

Entreri Bloodletter
10-05-2010, 03:28
Oh wow, yeah completely forgot that taking Lifetaker and Biting Blade together was illegal. Luckily it didn't matter for these battles but I'll change it for next time. Now...what to spend 5 points on...