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09-05-2010, 19:55
Hi guys.

I play daemons, yes I know wouhou wouhou it's bad, stop throwing rocks:D

I would like to know if my list is cheesy, so comment are welcomed.

So here's my list. I want to go heavy on magic and I despise Nurgle:D.

Lord of Change (Sorcerer Lvl4 & Dark Magister)
Herald of Khorne (Juggernaut, Armour of Khorne & Soul Hunger)

20 Bloodletters (Musician, Standard Bearer)
20 Pink Horrors
20 Pink Horrors
10 Chaos Furies

3 Screamers
3 Screamers

3 Flamers
3 Flamers

I really like that army, I have to say we don't play WFB often we are more a 40K group and I never had complains so far (probably because it's my friends:D). One more thing I never play in tourney and I don't consider myself as a competitive player.

So do you consider my list as cheesy or not? and if my list suck well c'est la vie I don't really care I have fun with it.

thank in advance for your answers.

09-05-2010, 21:25
I like your list, but here is what I have to say:

Split the horrors into units of 10. That will give you 8 dispel dice in total.

I would put the flamers in one big unit (ignore rank bonus on flank charge due to US6).

Give the bloodletters a magic standard.

Split the Furies into 2 units (hunt war machines, guard flanks, etc.)

I am not sure about screamers. They are a lot of points but I do not think they are great.

I would not say it is too cheesy, but its not a pushover either

09-05-2010, 21:36

I forgot to say we always play 2000points games.
For the dispel dice it doesn't matter because I almost always play against dwarves and 20 is useful because I can withstand many shot without loosing my casting ability.
I like to use my horrors to cast the first spell of Tzeentch with 2 dice without using dice from my common pool (to save them for my lord of change). I have another list for bigger games (never play with it) with 3 units of 15 horrors and herald of tzeentch with vortex as my Standard Bearer.

As I said I really like to play with that list even if the death of the lord of change usually means the end for me:D, I was afraid it was a cheesy one.

09-05-2010, 22:40
List sounds fine, but it does sound like your a tad specializing since by your own statement your only playing against dwarfs. Call me odd but that seems a tad "rude". FYI when I make a list I make it for all comers and do not custom kit for anyone. My MR2 I bought is wasted against dwarfs, but I dont toss it and take something else. Why? Because its rude to custom kit.

09-05-2010, 23:03
Usually that's what I do, but for WFB I only have one dwarf opponent so we have custom lists.
When it happen that another friend can join the game I adjust my list because I don't know if I'm going to fight against dwarf or high elves but it's very rare (we are more 40k players)

The List should have been 3000 but we realize that we will never be able to find the time to play 3000 points so my list have the unit I like the most, it is mainly Tzeentch because I love magic and it is my favorite Chaos god.

10-05-2010, 17:03
customising your list is perfectly acceptable-as long as you have an agreement with your opponent before hand and give him the chance to customise, which im guessing you do.

as for the list, looks good, not to powerfull since, whilst you do have powerful units ie GD flamers etc you've balanced it out with some of the 'weak' daemon units, like screamers and bloodletters, so in terms of cheesiness, i would say the list as a whole is fine.

10-05-2010, 18:34

After hearing daemons are cheesy so often I was afraid but it seems fine after all.
We both have customs list so no problems from that point, And I don't surprise him with things like: hey buddy today I field my Bloodthirster:evilgrin:.

At first I wanted a full Tzeentch army but the Bloodletters look really good so I fell kinda compel to field them.