View Full Version : Warriors and Marauders of chaos......To shield, or not shield?

09-05-2010, 19:59
So, before I assemble my new chaos battallion, I thought Id ask some advice from you chaos players.

Basically, in practice, what do you find more succesful?

I like the look of the marauders with their flails, but dont wanna do it if they wont stay alive long enough for me to admire them lol!

Any feedback welcome. Thanks guys.

09-05-2010, 20:06
Personally I would split them half and half, then just have the guys up front represent how the unit is equipped.

Agnar the Howler
09-05-2010, 20:10
Use GWs instead of flails because I prefer the constant strength bonus as opposed to striking at S3 if you don't break the enemy in the first round. They don't take much converting, just snip the sword blades, pick-head and axe heads off the other weapons and replace the flaily bits from the flails with them.

As for the original question, it depends on what you want to do. If you want to use flails all the time, don't take them, if you want to be able to have some protection in some combats, take shields, maybe even LA too.

Generally, though, I take naked GWs (or flails) in units of 10 or 15 with no command, but in 20+ I take shields and LA instead, the point being that smaller units are meant for quick strikes or combat support, but the larger units are meant to hold their own in combats, and generally need more protection and command.

09-05-2010, 20:17
GW's instead of flails always on marauders. No armor with great weapons works just fine, no need to add shields. If you do want shields, just use light armor and shields, no added weapons. They are also super easy to convert, just use the flails, chop off the chain and put an axe/pick end on it, you can even use the ends of a couple of the flails which have the large spike ball, or the diamond shaped end.

Warriors are another story though. I prefer mine with halberds and shields. That gives thiem the option of having str 5 attacks, or a 2+ save in combat, just pick and choose depending on the enemy.

09-05-2010, 22:12
I have 20+ marauders with hw + shields, and another 20+ with great weapons. That way I can mix and match to make the units I want (since there's no strict wysiwyg in fantasy). For big blocks I think hw, light armor and shield + MoS is the way to go. Small units with just great weapons are decent cheap flankers.

Like most people, I've found halberds + shields to be the best way to kit Warriors. That way they're either killy or dead 'ard, your choice depending on the combat they're in. I usually give them MoS as well, as I find the psychology protection invaluable. Since you'll be testing on Ld8 unless you have a (very expensive) Chaos Lord, being able to just ignore psychology is a huge advantage.

I know you didn't ask about marks, but you got my $0.02 anyway. :p

09-05-2010, 22:15
Everything that has chaos armour should preferably also have a shield, even if they intend to fight with a two handed weapon, as the cost compared to the protection from ranged attacks (and the option to go with hand weapons and shields in combat) is great. :)

10-05-2010, 03:48
either GW or armor and shields. Like that one guy said, do them half and half and put the representing models up front. This is unless you play against ********, or ******** in tournaments. But remember you shouldn't only take shields or only light armor, they go together always.