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2nd Lt Feen
10-05-2010, 00:26
Hey Everyone,

I'm new to fantasy and this is my first army list using the Battallon box and a few bits I've picked up to fill it out. This is my first attempt at a list so please give me any and all criticism you can. I'm fairly new to the rules of 7th ed and I'm just trying to see if what I have in my collection can be the basis of an army. Any additional purchases or upgrades you can think of to get me to that 2250 mark would also be appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read!


Paladin General - 126
-Shield, Horse, Virtue of the Joust, Lance of Artois

Damsel - 155
-Lvl 2, 2x Dispel Scrolls

Paladin Army Standard Bearer - 140
-Shield, Lance, Horse, Valorous Standard, Virtue of Empathy


Knights of the Realm x8 - 226
-Full Command, Banner of Chalons

Knights Errant x8 - 194
-Standard w/ Errantry Banner

Men at Arms x20 - 100

Bowmen x16 - 117
-Braziers, Skirmish


Pegasus Knights x3 - 195
-Full Command

TOTAL: 1253 Points

The Damsel will join the Men at Arms, the BSB will join the KotR and the General will join the Knights Errant. I'm a fan of shooting so more bowmen would be fun to get the points rising. I'm not sure of the best way to use my Men at Arms would be so any advice would be great. I'm feeling a little light on Magic for sure but that seems to be a problem I'll have at any point level. Any advice on how to do magic effectively in a Bret army would be great. Thanks so much for reading and thanks in advance for any advice.


10-05-2010, 00:45
Getting more magic into your army is the same for Bretonnians as everyone else, just don't bring knight/characters and take wizards instead. That being said, I don't recommend doing that very often unless you're really into that style of play. The spell lores the damsels/prophetess can choose from aren't going to do you a lot of good.

Take the Lore of Beasts for example. You can't even use the default #1 spell on anyone unless you purposely choose an unmounted character.

A damsel or two for magic defense is nice to have certainly. If you've got any mounted damsels, that's ideal. They can sit in the middle of a knight unit and grants the unit Magic Resistance (1). That alone is a great boon to you against anyone with access to the Lore of Metal, or Beasts.

Using Men at Arms can be tricky. You'll often find that the knights are so much faster than them, they'll be on the other side of the table all alone. Try to resist the temptation to run too far ahead with your knights as the Men at Arms can break fairly easily if they lose combat. They are a bit more durable than most people would have you believe though. It's almost always better to use hand weapons and shields for the 4+ armor save.

Be patient with your Pegasus Knights. Use cover and terrain in order to find an advantageous position to charge from, preferably the flank or rear of a unit. These are expensive models, so be wary of getting shot or magicked to death.

Oh, and take the War Banner on the Knights of the Realm. The Banner of Chalons is very situational. You want something that will always benefit the unit, not just some of the time.

Hope that helps a bit. I'm in a hurry or I'd post more.

10-05-2010, 20:58
Magic with bretonnian nah useless who needs a fireball when you can trample your opponent under your mighty horses:evilgrin:.

With my Bretonnian I only have one damsel Lvl 1 with scroll inside a unit of peasant bowmen. usually it's enough agaisnt heavy magic army it's a bit tough but Bretonnians have plenty of others advantages.

11-05-2010, 23:34

Take this with a grain of salt, as I'm pretty new to Brets myself, but:

1: Magic - the two common Lores for Brets (Beasts and Life) tend to be on the weaker side for offensive magic, either because of limited offensive options or situational attacks. Add in the fact that your damsels, if sheltered in a unit, won't have LoS, and that Brets have limited options for boosting your power dice pool compared to other lists, and it makes offensive magic (even with useful spells like The Beast Cowers) hard for Brets to pull off. This means people tend to take one or two low level damsels as scroll caddies.

2: Men at Arms. Two basic roles for these guys. One is in large ranked units with full command to provide cheap combat resolution, ideally teamed up with flank charging supporters. Alternatively, take small (10 or so) bare bones units with no upgrade to act as bait for traps, setting up charges for your knight lances.

3: Pegs I'm still learning. Try not to let their mobility tempt you into sending them off into a fight unsupported. They're good behind the enemy battle line, cutting off flight lanes, blocking marches, hunting wizards and warmachines, etc.

There's a website called the "Round Table of Bretonnia" that's a great resource - check it out.


12-05-2010, 17:59
Hi there -

I'm going to point out a few things to mull over:

1) Virtue of Empathy means the character can (and should) be on foot. Not really useful in a game this small, although it would have its advantages. If you do this, swap the bsb and damsel units (put the damsel on a horse) and go with beasts - take the default spell and make your bsb an animal in close combat. 6 strength 6 attacks is nothing to sneeze about...

2) That said, my personal experience has shown a unit of mounted yeoman to be more effective than men at arms in this size game.

3) I would drop a scroll and a level off the damsel. At this point level, you won't need too much defense, and one level 2 isn't enough to make any type of offensive run with magic. Best not to try.

4) If you are running your 9-deep unit of knights of the realm at archers, then either your deployment left something to be desired, or your opponent out-thunk you. The warbanner will do you more good in this unit.

5) BSB can't have a shield. Bretonnians are still working on 6th edition, so they are not like most of the newer army books.

13-05-2010, 11:19
I'd agree that the virtue of empathy and the Valorous Standard should be lost on your BSB, and should be replaced by a warbanner; that'll free up some points. Also of note he can't wear a shield.

Break the bowmen into 2 units, 10 each, one skirmishing and one not, this will give you a more flexible and robust shooting phase.

ALWAYS get your men-at-arms a musician. A banner is a good idea too, but never ever field a unit of more than 10 without a musician, the ability to win ties is too valuable.

Personally I think a level 2 at this point cost will do fine. You can throw 2 dice at each of your spells, and can use the bears anger on the damsel (or a champion in the men-at-arms if you buy one) with decent effect. Consider taking a chalice of malfleur instead of the 2nd dispel scroll. I think a 4th dispel dice will go a long way against stopping level 2 wizards and bound items.

14-05-2010, 14:15
I would also recommend adding a full command for the men-at-arms. Dropping a magic item or two should give you the necessary points for that.