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10-05-2010, 03:00
hey everyone i really hate marauder models and the horsemen too i dont like them, at all. so im trying to make an army that uses none of them. I Dont like magic armies and i have the archaon model that im using as a Chaos Lord because Archaon is too strong for 2k. I find my army needs LD9 for fear tests 8 is not good enough. I dont use marks because they are painted undivided. This is what I have please give me any comments or criticism that you see fit.

Chaos Lord - Demonic steed, shield, runesword, crown of conquest- 370

Chaos warriors x11- Shield, GW, FC, warbanner- 253 -Lord goes here
Chaos warriors x15 - shield, musician, standard- 258
Chaos warriors x15 - shield, musician, standard- 258
Chaos warhounds x20- 120 - 4 units of 5
Chaos Knights x5 - FC - 250
Chaos Knights x5 - FC - 250
Warshrine- 130
Chaos spawn x2- 110

Comes out to 1999. I know i dont have a scroll caddy, but with my main opponents being OnG that uses grimgor i dont need one but my other opponent uses VC and i drop the warhounds and warbanner for a caddy.
Any ideas on how to make this better? Your Help Is Appreciated! :)

10-05-2010, 04:14
How they're painted doesn't matter all that much, in my opinion. I'd give them Mark of Slaanesh to avoid having to even think about fear (or terror or panic, for that matter) and downgrade the Lord to a Hero. They have similar killy power, but the hero is significantly cheaper.

I personally like Mark of Khorne on my Knights (or Mark of Nurgle with the Banner of Rage). You have the dogs to screen, though lacking Horsemen makes it more difficult to redirect effectively. I also question the necessity of Knight unit champs, since that's a lot of points to pay for one more attack. Comparing a unit champ to the MoK, you pay 50% more for MoK, but you get 10 attacks (5 Knights, 5 horses) instead of one.

I'm not sure about the Warshrine without Chosen. You could go with a Chariot instead; that would hit harder on the charge to support the Warriors. I also prefer my Warriors in units of 12, but 15 works if you're going more for some static combat res.

Have you considered some Chosen to go with Warriors? They'd make the Warshrine a better choice, especially if you take a Chosen champ and give him Favor of the Gods.

10-05-2010, 05:40
I have tried the chosen actually they worked ok. but i found that warriors can do the same job just about the same. they were just as survivable and usually a major target. i got the champs on the units just because i had the points actually. that leaves me 40 points and if i drop the war banner thats 65 points. I really need the Ld 9 I know an exalted is almost as good for half the price but ld 8 just doesnt cut it. now if my army is not frenzied I think i can drop the warhounds and thats 185. i can drop the shrine for a chariot. that 195 points any idea what i can do with them?

10-05-2010, 13:49
how about a unit of maruaders on foot with either flails and shields or great weapons and shields just to bulk out your army a little.

10-05-2010, 15:59
I really hate the marauder models lol i know without them i will have to be really carefull with the army but thats fine with me. I know the marauders are there to add bulk to the army but if i dont like looking at them or painting them or playing with them then i wont buy them, that includes horsemen. and i dont plan on going to tournaments with the army so im trying to do a friendly list as well.

14-05-2010, 13:05
Fair enough I was going to suggest a unit of maruaders on foot and wulfrik for the come on any board edge on any turn routine.