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10-05-2010, 22:36
Hello all. Having rediscovered my love of Vampires, and finding some unpainted models that I bought yonks ago and never got round to painting, I decided to resurrect my forces of the undead.

So, some furious painting, army list making and lots of basing later, I had a 1000 point list (Well, 1005 points actually, but this falls within our 5 point grace allowance at my local games club).

My list was as follows:

Johann Von Carstein, Vampire with Lord of Death, Avatar of death and the Tomb blade.
Luitpold Haupt-Anderssen, Necromancer with two spells.

19 Skeleton warriors, full command
19 skeleton warriors, full command
6 Direwolves
6 Black Knights, full command
3 Cairn wraiths with a banshee

I got to play two games tonight, one vs. Beastmen, the other vs. WoC.

The Beastmen game first.

My opponent had two Gor heroes, 2 units of 20 Gors with full command, 3 units of 5 Ungor archers, 3 Minotaurs, 2 Charriots.

The first turn saw both armies moving forward to close the gap between them. The Banshee managed to take two wounds off the Minotaurs and that was pretty much it.

The second turn saw three failed charges from the 2 Charriots and the Minotaurs against my BK’s (we found out after the game that the Minotaurs shouldn’t of needed to take a fear test, what with causing fear themselves, and this would have changed a lot in the game). And the Gor units closed to get within their charge range of Johann’s unit.
During my turn the BK’s charged the minotaurs, the direwolves charged the Charriot that was left exposed due to their failed charge, and Luitpold raised a unit of Zombies infront of Johann’s unit to act as a screen and protect them from the Gor unit with his general in it. The plan was for Johann to add to the unit with more Zombies and IoN, but he made three failed attempts to bolster the unit, leaving them at a paltry 6! The Banshee killed a single ungor archer. The BK’s caused a massive 4 wounds on the Minotaurs, who failed to cause anything back and they fled from combat (They were beaten by 6 anyway, so could only have stayed on a double 1).

Turn 3 saw the General’s unit charge the zombies but failing their fear test (which meant they needed 6’s to hit!), the ungors fled due to terror and the chariot fled due to terror, causing it to be destroyed by the impassable terrain it hit (or possibly the massive unit of mine they would have ran through if we could have been bothered to work out which direction they would have gone). The remaining chariot got into the flank of my wolves, and the Minotaur rallied ready to take the charge from the BK’s in my next turn. During combat the Zombies were totally wiped out, and the Gors overran into my General's unit.

My turn, and the BK's charged the Minotaur, ready to take him out, and the Wraiths moved around the back of the bulk of his army (now condensed into the one corner of the board) to cause terror related shenanigans next turn. The Necro raised another six Zombies, ready to rear of flank charge as required, and Johann failed to cast anything again! The Banshee killed two Gors in shooting, which was nowhere near enough to cause panic. Combat came, and My Vampire challenged the Gor unit (His general accepted) but this was only to avoid having the General and Gor champion directing their attacks against him. This proved to be an excellent choice, as the Vampire took two wounds on the General, killing him and making his unit bigger in the process. The combat ended with me winning, and the Gor unit fled automatically (Outnumbered by a fear causing enemy!) and were cut down by the pursuit roll.

My opponent conceded to me, as the BK’s were going to mush his Minotaur, and the Cairn wraiths were perfectly placed to cause mass terror on his remaining three units on this side of the board…

Coming up later: The game vs. WoC.

THE \/ince

11-05-2010, 17:12
Ugh poor Beasties.
Extremely bad luck on his part. If he would have charged with the Minos those Black Knights would have been pulped. I am assuming they had GWs right? Why would you chose anything else? lol.
In the Gor combat thing....they cldnt have charged if they failed fear test...6's to hit only work if you fail fear as the reciever but have higher US. And how did the Vamp get into combat? Were the Zombies crushed?
Sorry need more details lol.

11-05-2010, 17:31
Well that was a good start :)

Wraiths can be a bit overpowering in smaller games so I'm glad you just stuck to 3.

11-05-2010, 21:28
I've edited the post to reflect the answers to Seabo's questions. I got confused and merged his and my final turns of the game.

THE \/ince

11-05-2010, 23:08
Hello all, onto the battle report for the game vs. WoC.

His list was something along the lines of:

Level 2 Tzeentch Sorcerer, Dispell scroll (I know this because he used it against me!)
Level 2 Tzeentch Sorcerer, Item that allows him to adjust my miscast roll (again I know this because he used it against me)

20 Chaos Warriors, full command, Mark of Tzeentch
20 Chaos Warriors, full command, Mark of Tzeentch
5 Marauder Horsemen, Mark of Tzeentch
6 Hounds, scaly skin

Setup was a disaster for me, as I got a bit forgetful and deployed as I would a normal army that didn’t require Vampires to allow marching. Luitpold’s unit and the Wraiths were well outside of the range of Johann’s Vampire-y badness, so had to meander slowly across the board unaided.

I got first turn, and moved my BK’s through a forest, the DW’s moved around to the right, using their fast cavalryness to move through a narrow gap and leave them out of charge from his dogs. Johann’s unit marched forward toward one of the blocks of Warriors. Lutpold’s unit wandered forward its 4” move towards the second block of warriors, and the Wraith unit launched themselves into a forest. Magic saw Johann attempt to summon an undead horde, the likes of which the field of battle had never seen before, and rolled a miscast on the three dice! I rolled 8, and my opponent decided to let it stand, as 7 was better, and 9 was the same result. The hit failed to wound Johann, and the magic phase duly ended.

His turn 1 saw him hold his ground, opting to sit back and magic me away. And magic me he did! He had the spell meaning I had to take leadership tests or suffer that many wounds on one wizard, and the other had the Exalted champion creating spell. Both also had the flickering flames spell too. My BK’s suffered at the hand of the LD spell, killing a mighty one model! Go BK’s! Flickering fire felled another BK, and the other wizard’s attempt to fry Johann’s unit was dispelled.

My second turn saw the DW’s charge the hounds, my BK’s move forward enough to allow me to charge next turn. Johann’s unit shuffled forward a bit, but I really should have moved further as I knew he was just going to wait for me to get closer before charging me. Luitpold’s unit wandered forward again, and the Wraiths moved another 6” into another forest, but close enough to allow a scream into the Marauder Horsemen. Magic saw Luitpold fail to cast Danse Macabre, and Johann failed to gather an undead horde once more, but didn’t get a miscast, so this was a good thing! The Banshee let out an almighty scream and killed 2 Horsemen, who then failed their panic, and it seemed the gods had shunned them as their reroll was even worse! They fled, and ran right off the board. Combat saw my D’s kill 3 of his dogs, and take only a single wound in return. Combat resolution saw the dogs flee, and get cut down as my DW’s wouldn’t let them go (This was their yard, and the other dogs needed to stay out!).

His second turn moved swiftly onto magic as there was no movement from the Chaos cowards. He cast the Leadership wound spell, and I lost a horrific amount of BKs, rolling stupidly high on the test. The remaining BKs were wiped out by flickering flames, and the other Sorcerer took out a full rank of Johann’s Skeleton Warriors with his burny death spell.

My turn three and with nothing in charge range I bit the bullet and moved Johann’s unit into charge range of the Warriors to the right. Luitpold continued his leisurely walk with his skeleton friends, and the DWs turned around to face the rear of the warriors on the right. Magic saw Johann manage to roll high enough to cast Summon undead horde, only to have a flimsy sheet of paper prevent it from getting through (who the hell takes a dispel scroll in a friendly 1000 point game?!?). Luitpold did nothing once again, and thus ended my somewhat uneventful turn.

His turn three saw a charge from his Warriors into Johann’s unit, and they passed their fear test (unsurprising all things considered). Magic came, and the leadership test spell was cast against Luitpold’s unit with total power, but thanks to his high leadership (for undead at least) the unit passed the test, and didn’t even suffer a single wound! Hs flames spell was dispelled, and he ended the magic phase there. His champion issued a challenge (as they have to, apparently) and my Skelly champion accepted, allowing Johann to attack the unit. The chaos champion killed Lucky Eddie (the skelly champ) and the unit took out another 4 skeletons. Johann got his attacks back, and killed 2 whole warriors, bringing Eddie back to his challenge and one of the casualties returned to the fight. Combat resolution saw two more skellies fall, and the turn ended.

11-05-2010, 23:08
My turn four and Luitpold moved within support range of Johann and the wraiths moved round the back of the unengaged warrior unit. Magic came, and Luitpold rolled double six to get Danse Macabre off, allowing Johann’s unit to fight a round of combat against the Warriors. Johann killed another 2 warriors, and Eddie got two lucky wounds against the Chaos Champion, one of which got through his armour and killed him outright! Unfortunately, this must have tired Johann out for the turn as he failed three times to cast IoN. During combat the Sorcerer was forced to issue a challenge, and Johann decided he was a worthy opponent, accepting the challenge himself. One wound was caused apiece, and the warriors outperformed the skeletons, as expected. Combat resolution took out another two skeletons.

His turn four, and his unengaged unit passed its terror test, and moved forward within charge range of Luitpold’s unit. Magic and the challenged Sorcerer created an exalted champion and his other sorcerer saw off three of Luitpold’s skeletons with flickering flames. This took us on to combat, and the wizard was no match for Johann’s bloodlust, falling beneath a hail of blows, and the exalted vanished in a puff of smoke. Once again his warriors got the better of the skeletons, and another two crumbled to combat resolution (the unit was down to just two ranks).

My turn five, and the dogs sacrificed themselves by charging the rear of the warriors to allow Luitpold the chance to move away from their threat. Magic and Johann directed Luitpold to bolster his unit, which was duly dispelled. Johann’s attempts to resurrect his unit met with mixed results as one attempt failed, one was dispelled and the final attempt raised a mighty 5 models for a much needed extra rank (or ablative armour as I like to call it). Combat happened, and Johann seemed drained by summoning up those five skellies. The warriors caused yet more wounds, and I lost most of the rank I’d just raised. I was getting desperate now! Unsurprisingly my dogs lost the combat (although not all of them had been killed in combat, which was a pleasant surprise) and combat resolution reduced their number to one (Keeping the warriors engaged for their next turn and keeping Luitpold’s unit safe for the rest of the battle.

His turn five, and magic was uneventful as he failed to cast even a single spell thanks to a low roll for the leadership test spell and a mighty dispel against flickering flames. Combat saw nothing from my side (Damn their 2+ save!) and a couple more skellies fell to combat reducing me after combat resolution to just one and a half ranks! My last DW fell, and that was the turn over.

My last turn and it was all or nothing. The Wraith unit charged the rear of the engaged warriors (who passed their terror test). Magic saw a brilliant diversionary casting of Danse from Luitpold which drew out all of the dispel dice, leaving a clear run of IoN for Johann, who managed 3 in a row and a total of 15 skellies raised (4, 5 and 6!). The banshee got a single warrior in shooting. Combat, and the Wraith unit took out 4 whole warriors, Johann got another 2 and even Eddie managed to kill one, with 3 skellies falling. Combat res went in my favour, and they fled from a fear causing enemy. Both the Wraiths and Johann’s unit pursued and they were cut down.

His turn six was damage limitation, but it was too little too late, and even the gods turned their back on the magic phase, making it an easy round of dispels for me.

When all was said and done, and the totals worked out I came out as clear victor with a Massacre (I had two table quarters, captured Standard, killed his general, wiped out a unit of warriors, a unit of marauder horsemen and his war hounds versus his table quarter, my BK’s and direwolves.

It was fun, and very hard fought, but in the end Johann pulled through (it’s about time, as hadn’t really done much with his magic in the two games).

THE \/ince

11-05-2010, 23:25
Epic man :D
Dead doggy playground....loved it lol.
One whee little thing...Undead are dead...D-E-D Dead. Something that has been lying dead and buried for years before being rousted out of the ground by some pointy earred, pasty super elf wannabe is not going to have much in the name of brainpower.
Sorry had to....
Point of this? Uhm...oh yeah point...must stop thinking bout BRAINS!!!. Ahem the point is that all dead stuff is ITP (immune to psychology) meaning all those nice little leadership checks or you bash your own head in would not have worked.
Massacre would have been way worse but you still got it so cheers lol.

12-05-2010, 02:28
It wasn't the fight a round of combat spell, it was the leadership test and the number failed by = number of wounds spell. I asked about being immune to psych and was told it didn't matter for this one.

THE \/ince

12-05-2010, 06:14
Ahh the Baleful Transmogrification.....interesting that it does not say ITP.....i would still say that they wldn't have to take it but I may be wrong.
Not a dead dude myself....lol

13-05-2010, 21:18
Unfortunately they do. They don't auto pass Ld tests, which is the only way they would be immune to the spell as it atands.

THE \/ince

17-05-2010, 23:05
So, I faced the forces of the Beastmen once again tonight. My opponent took a slightly altered list to last time, and I used the same army.

This time he ran:

2 Heroes, 1 with biting blade, the other with a great weapon.
20 Gors with additional HW and full command.
20 Gors with additional HW and full command.
5 Skirmishing ungor archers.
5 Skirmishing ungor archers.
3 Minotaurs with additional HWs.
2 Razorgor

Set up left my DW’s and BK’s out of range of the General, but this was tactical on my part. From left to right I set up: Skellies with JvC, Cairn Wraith unit, Skellies with LH-A, BK’s, DW’s.

I got first turn.
My BK’s advanced through the forest as the DW’s moved along the extreme right table edge. Both Skellie units advanced towards the 2 Gor units and the CW’s moved into a forest.
Magic was to prove much more effective this game, and LH-A got a raise dead off, summoning 5 Zombies with full command into being as a screen in front of the General’s unit, casting with irresistible force! He dispelled the first attempt to bolster the unit from JvC, and he failed to cast the next two attempts.
Skip shooting and combat, and on to his first turn.

The two Gor units advanced slightly, and his Ungor moved out and round to shoot at the Zombies (Trying to get the 50 victory points while they were still manageable). The razorgors set up for a charge against LH-A’s unit, and the chariot cautiously advanced.
No magic, so on to shooting, and the Ungor failed to wound even a single Zombie.

My turn 2, and the CW’s continued their advance through the forests towards the enemy. JvC’s unit advanced to within charge range (hopefully for Van Hel’s to be cast on them by LH-A in the magic phase) I know this was a risky gambit, but I was being reckless. The zombies declared a charge against the ungor, who fled like little girls, getting cut down in the process, but leaving their flank exposed dangerously! The DW’s moved up the flank, and the BK’s stayed out to keep out of charge range of the Minoturs.
In magic I drew out the paltry dispel dice by casting three successive IoN’s on the Zombie unit from JvC, raising them up to a whopping 24! And then for the risky part, LH-A attempted to cast Van Hel’s and got irresistible force! Johann and his unit charged the Beastman general’s unit, but unfortunately they passed their fear test.
The CW’s were out of range for shooting, so I moved on to combat. Johann felled a foul Beastman, adding another skellie to the unit, and the skellies managed to fell another foul creature. Their returning attacks saw the skellies lost two of their number to combat, which still left me the victor, and the Beastmen auto-fled 11” (leaving them just on the board by a ”. Johann led the unit in pursuit, but only managed a paltry 4” pursuit.

His turn two, and the Razorgors charged Luitpold’s unit, and the second Gor unit charged the flank of the Zombie unit. It was my own fault for exposing my flank to them like that, but we unlive and learn. Hig general’s unit rallied thanks to the musician and the General’s superior leadership (Only just though!).
Shooting saw off 2 skellies from Johann’s unit, making their numbers equal to that of the Gor unit within their sights.
Combat came, and Luitpold’s unit lost a single skellie due to combat resolution, but took a wound off a razorgor in return for the carnage they visited on the unit. 4 Zombies were bested in combat, and the return attack failed to do anything, and another 6 went to combat resolution!

My turn 3, and Johann’s unit charged into the generals unit, which once again passed their fear test. The BK’s declared a charge against the chariot, which fled, and they were just a fraction of an inch short of the Minotaur unit, leaving them out in the open ready to be mauled next turn. The CW’s moved into shooting range of the general’s unit, and the dogs moved round to get towards the back of the battlefield, and pincer the chariot should it rally.
Magic saw Johann add a mammoth 11 skellies to his own unit, and Luitpold cast Van Hel’s on his own unit for ASF goodness.
The banshee took out a mighty 6 gors, screaming for all she was worth, and then we were into combat.
I decided to deal with Luitpold’s unit first, and they failed to cause a single wound despite their magically enhanced attacks, and the Razorgors managed to cause a hefty number of wounds, but thanks to my musician the resolution ended with me up by 1, and the razorgors fled failing their break test. They were cut down in their tracks, and Luitpold’s unit ran into the flank of the Gors in the flank of the zombies, meaning they could attack once more, this time causing 2 wounds, and suffering a single casualty in return. The Zombies lost 6 to combat, and the end result was me losing by 2, which reduced the Skellie unit to 3 skellies and Luitpold. Johann felled two of the foul beastmen, and his skeletons took out another one, leaving his champion and general to attack back. The general took a wound off Johann, and the champion took out a skellie, but I won the combat and they fled off the board. Being unable to restrain from pursuit, Johann led his unit in a valiant cutting down of the cowardly enemy, and a leisurely stroll back onto the board.

His turn and the minotaurs charged the BK’s, the chariot failed to rally and ran off the board. The ungor moved to attack the DW’s in shooting, but Didn’t get far enough.
Combat saw the minotaurs tear their way through the BK’s, killing 3 with impact hits alone! They killed another 2 in combat, and the champion crumbled to resolution, taking a wound off the behemothic bovines first. The messy combat (and resulting combat resolution) reduced the Zombies to only a handful (8 maybe?) and leaving Luitpold without the protection of his unit.

My turn 4 and the dogs moved back towards the fray, charging the ungor, and Johann strolled back onto the board and moved as far as they could into the board. The CW’s moved along to be able to shoot at the remaining Gor unit. My main concern now was that I was losing Luitpold (No skellies left in his unit meant no raising to save him) and the now frenzied Minotaurs wandering about the board.
Magic saw Johann too far away to do anything effective, so he just raised more skellies into his own unit, and Luitpold, obviously disheartened by the fate which awaited him didn’t cast anything.
Shooting and the banshee had obviously tired herself out with the six dead gors from the general’s unit, and was to do nothing else for the rest of the game (I’d totally forgot that her unit caused terror!)
Combat came, and Luitpold died, along with the rest of the Zombies I’d raised. On the plus side, the DW’s killed a single ungor, causing the unit to auto-break and get cut down. This did bring my dogs into the rear of the Minotaur unit…

His turn was a turn of consolidation, his gor unit moved around a bit in a slightly embarrassed manner, and we were on to combat where his minotaurs munched through my DW’s in no time at all.

My turn 5 and Johann moved into range for GoN, and the CW’s stayed put to shoot at the gor unit.
Magic and I got GoN off, killing a single Gor with 5 hits (I rolled 4 1’s!).
The banshee coughed slightly.
There was no combat.

His turn and he hedged his bets, moving away cautiously from Johann’s unit, and bringing the minotaurs along toward where the two armies (or what was left of them) were concentrated.

My final turn of the game, and all I could do was move up towards the Gors and cast GoN onto them. This time it was with more success, but the unit was still left above half strength! Curses. And they passed the panic check. Double curses!
Once again, the banshee did nothing, looking sheepish at the fact she was unable to even muster a sound, let alone a mighty wail.

His turn, and to prevent the minotaurs from getting into combat he moved the gor unit to block their charge. The coward.

So, in the end I won by about 150 points, meaning a solid victory for Johann and his unholy army.

THE \/ince

17-05-2010, 23:34
Interesting battle.
Frenzied Minotaurs are fun :D

19-05-2010, 22:29
They could have been fun, had he done anything with them, but alas he preferred the cowards game.

THE \/ince

20-05-2010, 23:59
The minatours probably would have killed your general had they charged.

21-05-2010, 05:43
i know, and i pointed that out to him after the game. He was on 1 wound, and i forgot to IoN him back to 2.

THE \/ince

21-05-2010, 10:54
If he had charged them in and they killed your general then he probably would have won with the army grumbling an all.