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101st Vostroyan
10-05-2010, 23:43
Hey guys. I've been playing 40k for 5 years, and fantasy for 3, so I am no noob to the game. The question I have though is how to structure my Wood elf army.

One of my friends has no more time for warhammer, and so he gave me his wood elf army. It consists of the army book, the battalion, 5 wardancers and 2 heroes, all unbuilt.

The fact that they are unbuilt makes it easier for me to structure the army since I can make units how I want them.

I don't want this army to be be bigger than a 1000 pts since I have, and am currently working on 5 other armies.

How should I split up the 24 glade guard, and should I give them command?
What is a good unit size for wardancers, and what else does any fledgling wood elf player need?

Thanks in advance:D

11-05-2010, 00:26
In 7th ed the best for dancers is 7. Glade guard are best in 10-12 w no command or just a musc. Glade riders are aqmazing and so are warhawk riders

11-05-2010, 00:34
Well, let me formally welcome you to the ranks of the Asrai!

First off, as you probably know, WE are generally a MSU army. That should probably inform most of your unit-size questions, but in general, here are the~ sizes you might want.

Glade Guard should never really be in a unit>10. You want to maximize any str. 4 glade guard shots you can get, and taking more than 10 to a unit simply wastes points (in all situations I've personally seen.) This is because you'll want to place them in, at most, 2 ranks to maximize shots. But if you don't have a hill, you'll have to settle for an awkward line of models that get quite cumbersome even @ 10 models wide. As for command, I generally stick with musician and that's it, because they don't stand up well in CC.

With your 24 GG, I'd personally split them up into two units of ten, with a musician each (or none at all) and then use the remaining four to convert/substitute for Waywatchers. However, many people use GG in units of up to twelve.

As for things to pick up, I personally find the box to be sufficient for a while- giving you access to fast cav (the only kind of cavalry in the WE army) and Dryads, who are VERY good at ripping small lightly armored units to shreds (as are wardancers, fyi). The first thing you'll likely want is a couple more Wardancers though, as they function best in units of 7-8.

The rest of your army however, depends almost entirely on your personal taste. If you like the hide and seek game, I'd try using the Sethayla style of army. I personally don't play it, but it's the typical WE set up. For advice, I'd direct you to asrai.org- here's a link to their tactica article on Sethayla style. (http://asrai.org/leaf/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=24)

That being said, the general strategy is to avoid combat as long as possible until you have isolated a unit you KNOW you can defeat, defeat it, and then move on. You'd want to try and pick up a few units of Glade Riders and convert them into Wild Riders for this playstyle.

You can also play forest spirit heavy lists, and if you decide to do so, my first suggestion would be to get more dryads.

The options are pretty varied. What kind of army are you looking for out of your Wood Elves?

101st Vostroyan
11-05-2010, 01:43
I really like the idea of an army balanced between dedicated shooting units and fast combat units to create a balanced force. I am in no way a person who picks an army based on how powerful it is, but rather the "cool factor"

For this reason I want to include warhawks which I think look really cool.

Based on that advice, I think I will use 2 units of 10 glade guard and a unit of 5 scouts or waywatchers using on of the characters I got, and converting him to be holding a bow since my friend lost his original arm.(hes the one with the downturned spear)

Thanks for the advice!:D

Also, does anyone know where I could go to get some thin string for the bowstrings?

11-05-2010, 06:52
But it's all cool :D

Yep- sethayla is the friend of many a warhawk rider obsessee (I being one of them.) The ability to hit and run while leaving a bewildered enemy in your wake is both hilarious and greatly satisfying.

I'd also advise that you get at least 1 character riding a great eagle w/ a bow, because he's very cool (IMO, of course) and also very fun to play with (especially if you give him the Hail of Doom arrow :evilgrin:.)

If you REALLY want combat ability, and you're willing to put some effort into a larger model, the Treeman is a good bet. I don't use them, but 90% of WE players swear by him.

honestly- just try out a few units with proxy models to see what you like, then get those things, or just get what looks cool. Wood Elves don't really have any purely useless models.

11-05-2010, 17:25
You'll probably need to proxy some treekin and a tree man. Cheap way to spend a lot of points and have usefull units.

Other nice things: you'll shurely use lots of dryads, glarde riders and at least 1 unit fo wild riders if your planning that army you say. Backed up by maybe 2 units of 10 galde riders.