View Full Version : Need help with Lizardman Border Patrol force

11-05-2010, 15:41

Been looking at creating a 500 point border patrol force to play with at my FLGS. Here is what I was thinking

Skink Priest with cloak of feathers

12 skink skirmishers with blowpipe
20 Saurus Warriors with Full command

Would this be of any good or could you guys recommend anything better

Ultimate Life Form
11-05-2010, 15:50
I'm not sure what the Cloak of Feathers is for. Is there some special tactic you have in mind?

Skirmishers are a must, and the Salamander has the potential to be devastating at this point level.

However, I'm not 100% sold on the Saurus block. Yes, they are tough, but they are also slow and easily outflanked. Basically it means you have most of your points concentrated in a single unit that the enemy can easily avoid, and if things go wrong and they turn tail you have pretty much lost (they absolutely hate shooting, and this coupled with the fact they need the whole game to reach the opposite table edge when the enemy has long since moved away means they are absolutely chanceless against certain fast cavalry builds, Wood Elves, Dark Elf Crossbow flurry and so on). At lower point levels I think multiple small units are better suited because more versatile.

11-05-2010, 16:37
The sarri could work, but you need a few more light combat units to support them, such as a chief on a terradon or some kroxigors.

The level 1 priest will not do anything useful. He can only use 2 dice to cast, so your opponent will dispel about half your magic phases, and even if he doesn't you will probably fail to cast any spell that could do significant damage. Either upgrade him to lvl 2 and drop the feathers, or better yet, replace him with a chief on a taradon.

Ultimate Life Form
11-05-2010, 16:46
Generally speaking though, now that I think about it... :shifty:

Lizardmen are not the best choice for low point levels. I (long year Lizard veteran) do generally lose all my battles below 1000 points, even to intermediate players. It seems the army just doesn't work at that level. I think it's because Lizardmen live on the great synergy between units, and with so few units there is not much synergy to be had.

11-05-2010, 16:57
Drop Saurus to 12-15ish. Add more skink poison death. Get a Skink chieftain with the flying cloak...hate those little buggers