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11-05-2010, 23:05
I've been playing Fantasy for about 7 months now, and after playing WoC, I want to start Beastmen. I'm gonna be playing against my friend who has skaven and Lizardmen, and I want to feild minotaurs for sure. Any suggestions on what to bring and how to use em? I'm looking for a fun list, but I would still like to win more often than not.

Any advice appretiated :D

12-05-2010, 01:19
Here's my list so far:

Doombull: GW, Trollhide, Talisman of protection (6+ ward), gnarled hide= 330pts
Gorebull: GW, heavy armor, Chalice of dark rain= 205pts
Bray-shaman: x2 dispell scrolls= 125pts

x10 ungor raiders= 60pts
x10 ungor raiders= 60pts
x10 ungor raiders= 60pts
x10 ungor raiders= 60pts
x10 ungor raiders= 60pts

x3 Minotaurs: GWs= 189pts
x3 Minotaurs: GWs= 189pts
x3 Minotaurs: Extra hand weapons= 177pts
x3 Minotaurs: Extra hand weapons= 177pts

Ghorgon=275pts Total= 2,242pts

I decided to use ungors to be my ambushing units to help with warmachines or meatsheilds. I want a minotaur heavy army, I just love the models and the fluff behind them! I dont know if ghorgons are worth it, but they keep up with the minotaur theme, but I'm willing to change em out if needed. The core choices are my real debate tho, are Gors worth taking?

Any suggestions are welcome.

12-05-2010, 03:32
The whole Minotaur Army is an idea I thought about pursuing. Personally, I would go with 2 units of 5 with Great Weapons, get the Brass Cleaver on the Gorebull. I would also suggest using Slugtongue. He is the most badass mage you can get. I absolutely love him. I just used him in a 1500 point battle (4v4 Campaign, each player with 1500), and I did 4 wounds to a Dark Elf Hydra, 3 wounds to a Wood Elf Treeman, Killed a Wood Elf Sorcerer, 2 wounds on a unit of Vampire hounds, 3 on the second unit of vampire hounds, 2 dark elf repeaters, and 1 crew member of a repeater bolt thrower, with 2 wounds on the bolt thrower itself.... Before the game even started. I think I payed for my 190 points. Not to mention he is still lvl 2, and has a regen save.

12-05-2010, 11:18
So, replace my bray-shaman with slugtonge? I dont think units of 5 minos wouldnt be very good because its really bad mobility. But i'll look at the slug guy.

12-05-2010, 22:25
New here myself, so take with a large grain of salt...

I agree with the GW on the mino's, they're kinda the only response to high T/heavy armor in the beast list, you're Init 3 anyway, might as well make it hurt..5 strong seems good too, 3 gives more flexibility movement wise, just make sure to use those raider screens

i think units of 6-7 raiders would be enough, that way you can avoid some of the break tests and not test on the AWFUL leadership.

Lvl 1 shaman's sound like the way to be, Lore of Wild and Bestial Surge will help the mino's speed

This should allow a cheap-o Beastlord to be general and boost the leadership of the mino's

I actually prefer Spawn, unbreakable, cause fear, cheap, and can be used as a larger screen for more mino's

Chariots are also a good way to increase overall hitting power, cheap and effective

I'd toss the shaman's into chariots to keep em alive, I wouldn't even bother with armor for anything either (other than general) and just use those raiders to screen/harass the enemy till the chariots/mino's whack the crap outta em

Hope that helps.

13-05-2010, 03:23
Thanks for the tips. My game against my friend is tomarrow, I'll give an update on how it went. I'm up against skaven ( yikes!) so hopefully I don't get crushed.

16-05-2010, 00:36
haha you say yikes like skaven are a power-army, and by the way i am that friend and i won 1500 to 800


16-05-2010, 03:41
I will have a battle report for tomarrow. just finished typing one, but accidentally deleted it :(

16-05-2010, 04:32
oh, and cam, Im not saying skaven are a power army, just a difficult army for my type of list

16-05-2010, 15:54
Slugtongue makes horde armies cry. Some games, he might not make his points, but there are those games where you kill a hero all by itself cause the opponent is cocky.

17-05-2010, 02:08
OK, Thursday's battle went better than expected. I lost with Skaven: 1500 and Me: 800, but considering I was up against a magic and shooting heavy clan skrier skaven list, I believe I did rather well. Here was My list and my opponent's:

Doombull w/ trollhide, 6+ward, 5+scally skin.
Gorebull w/ Chalice of dark rain
(x4) x8 ungor raiders
(x2) x5 hounds
(x4) x3 Minotaurs w/ GW
x2 Ghorgons

Great grey seer
x3 grey seers
(x4) x30ish stormvermin, w/ ratling gun (and the grey seers in them)
(x2) x10 globadiers
(x2) x10 Jezzails

So there where 2 forests in the center of each side table edge(with 12'' away from edge) and a hill in the middle of the skaven table edge. I got first turn and set up with 2 minotaur units, a hound unit, and a ghorgon on each side; the ungors right behind the forests (one including slugtongue), and the doombull on the right side and gorebull on the left side. His skaven where 2 blocks of vermin on each side of the hill, jezzails on the hill, a unit of globadiers in front of the far left and right stormvermin and jezzails on the right.
The doomwheel was near the left table edge.

Slugtongue managed to kill a couple of globadiers, 2 ratling guns, and a handful of stormvermin (10 tops), but became useless after that, not getting a single spell off all game. I ambushed 1 of my raider units behind the right side jezzails but the other unit didnt come in, or for the rest of the game :( I just moved my entire force up the table, and movin the raiders into the woods. The ambushing raiders charged the jezzails, killed 2, lost 3 and ran off the table. His turn he moved the right side globadiers up, killed a mino with the jezzails and another with the globadiers, the jezzails on the hill killed 3 of the right side hounds and made them run, not panicing the minos they ran through. He took 4 wounds off the right ghorgon with a warp lightning spell and killed 2 of the leftside houds with the same. Moved thw doomzwheel up, no charge but shot at the minos and wonded one. the ratling gun picked off the rest of the leftside hounds. No combats.

So I don't end up writing multiple pages of this report (and I have an essay to write) this is how the rest of the game went. Right ghorgon charges globadiers, kills them, but dies to jezzails. left side ghorgon is killed by shooting and magic in 1 turn. 1 right mino unit is reduced to 1 mino after shooting, but moves behind the vermin while the unit next to it charges stormvermin, wins combat they dont catch them but they run into the single minotaur waiting for em, sandwitched! Both raider units die, 1 with slugtongue gets charged, the other from ratling gun. The left side minos charge through the globadiers into the stormvermin, 1 unit of rats gets eaten, the other flees (didnt catch em) and regroups again. The Doomwheel charges the Doombull (lol), with the Doombull coming on top after 2 rounds of combat, go Doombull!,... but then gets gunned down by jezzails shortly after, fail Doombull. His Great grey seer avoids the fate of his storm vermin unit on the left by jumping away, (some skitter jump power). So in the end the Minos didnt do bad, only lost the doombull and 1 full unit of them, but the rest live, although that was about all i had left in my army, not bad.

I'm probly gonna drop slugtongue and a ghorgon for 2 scroll caddy shamans, and 4 more units of raiders. I think after fighting against an opponent that is focused in magic and shooting, a minotaur heavy list proved to be pretty decent and reliable. Please post any comments or suggestions.

17-05-2010, 06:02
I tried coming up with a 2k list for Minotaurs, and here is what I came up with.

Feel Free to try it out, or perhaps just take idea's from it. I am not telling you how to run your list, this is just a suggestion.

Doombull - Axes of Khorgor, Blackened Plate, Gouge-Tusks, Gnarled Hide.(General)

Gorebull - Heavy Armor, BSB, Chalice of Dark Rain
Slugtongue -

Core -
5x Ungor Raider - Musician
5x Ungor Raider - Musician
5x Ungor Raider -
5x Ungor Raider -

Special -
3x Minotaur - Std, Shields (Gorebull BSB goes in this unit.)(May take Extra Hand Weapon instead of shields)
3x Minotaur - Bloodkine, Std, Great Weapons(Doombull goes in this unit)
---Bloodkine - Stone of Spite
Razorgor Chariot -
Razorgor Chariot -

2x Chaos Spawn

Total comes out to exactly 2000 points. The Cygor and the Stone of Spite is your magic defense (It's kind of light, but the stone = dispel scroll or they take a bunch of wounds) and cygor really helps freak out magic heavy lists. Slugtongue is there for the start of game ouchies and helps confuse the enemy when their plan goes wrong before the game even starts. Take Lore of Wild and try to get off Mantle of Ghorok, or Bestial Surge.

the 2 raider units with no upgrades ambush, the ones with musician's stay on the board to provide cover for your Mino's. the Chariots provide good flank coverage, and the Chaos Spawn is a good centerpiece to scare the opponent. or even down the flank.

Oh, and did I mention the Cygor is a mobile Stone Thrower? Yea... just move 7 inches, then throw away! no minimum guess range on it either.

26-05-2010, 04:58
wowee i sure did manage to bring a lot of grey seeres that game... at that rate i must have... 18 power dice?