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12-05-2010, 15:09
What with price rises in the UK looming and the proliferation of mechanised forces, I was wondering whether people had found better priced alternatives for vehicles (all races really) in 40k. I see plenty of posts with alternatives for models, but what about the tanks?

Obviously I know Ork trukks are built in a cave from a box of scrap, muchlike Tony Stark's mini Arc reactor ;)

Damien 1427
12-05-2010, 15:13
Obviously I know Ork trukks are built in a cave from a box of scrap, muchlike Tony Stark's mini Arc reactor ;)

Damn right they are. You could easily knock up an Armoured Krumpany without setting foot in GW if you can get the plasticard together.

12-05-2010, 15:29

Tamiya 1:48 MM series
Russ varients = KV 1 or 2- boxy, ugly, heavy, slow, thick armour, covered in rivets...
Hellhound series= T34s- smaller, lighter, faster, still riveted...
Enclosed artillery = Su122s ( T34 chassis with fixed gun, not turret)
Chimera= German Half tracks, with plasticard- top cover.
Hydra, Griffon, Manticore- flak, mortar carrier, nebelwerfer varients of the half tracks respectively.

A little kitbashing to up-gun some of them is needed. Nothing challenging.

Lord Malorne
12-05-2010, 15:31
Obviously I know Ork trukks are built in a cave from a box of scrap, muchlike Tony Stark's mini Arc reactor ;)

I use pirate ships from the pound shop, same length and width of a trukk :cool:.

12-05-2010, 15:47
Ive been designing a leman russ alternative for production for a while now:


head towards the back end of the thread for a vastly updated design and turret images...

12-05-2010, 16:03
I used to just cut Styrofoam into the shapes I needed for which ever tank I wanted. I had three or four Russes, a few basilisks. I even made a Monolith. With the right paint they are great stand ins until you scratch up enough dough to buy the real thing. After you retire the old ones, they make great terrain pieces, because you can really wreck them up.

12-05-2010, 17:55
search for paperhammer

templates for all the major tanks.

just add mountcard/plasticard glue and time

12-05-2010, 19:41
At the moment I'm concentrating on my Orks and for those I'm grabbing my hands on all kinds of kits and having a field day mixing them all up. Costs about half the price of the GW kits.

13-05-2010, 00:36
Depends on race really.

Imperials can usually get away with WW2 and modern tank kits, or similar looking tanks from other lines.

Tau are generally boned, as they use a single very recognizable tank chassis for everything, but occasionally you can get lucky and find something that will fit from another line. I've seen some folks use starship kits from Gundam as tanks - a little blocky looking for Tau, but not too bad. Eldar are in much the same boat.

Orks obviously, can use practically any kit that's out there with some kitbashing, but wasteland bandit kits are especially good for trukks and buggies. Void has some good buggies.

Necrons... well, good luck finding another big floating pyramid model. Probably easier to build your own from styrofoam and plasticard rather than find one.

Logarithm Udgaur
13-05-2010, 10:16
Only slightly cheaper than GW stuff, but a nice alternative.

Probably best for IG or Orks.

Again mostly works for the IG and Orks (but doesn't everything?), although the Gorgon Fighter could look really cool in a Tau or Eldar army.

They made the vehicles for 40K for the first few editions, so no surprise that their stuff still fits with it.

Rackham's AT-43 has some great vehicles (mostly battle suits and walkers), that would work with a variety of armies.

Brigade Games has some impressive stuff (that train would rock on a themed table), but about the same cost as GW.

Darkson Designs has done one of the strangest (in the best possible way) tanks I have ever seen for their AE-WWII range.

Ramshackle Games has a large variety of vehicles at good prices.

Ironclad Minis makes some cracking stuff that could be used for a steampunk themed army.

The Assault Group makes a few vehicles for a more modern looking army.

I found Mort's tanks on this site, so you may already be aware of them.

MIG has a lot of cool stuff, but mostly in 1/35 scale, so maybe a bit big for 40K.

That is all the stuff I had readily bookmarked, Injoi.

13-05-2010, 10:37
An alternative to finding cheaper tanks would be to look for cheaper infantry and save money through that, so you wouldn't have to look for tanks.

Here's (http://shop.warlordgames.co.uk/les-grognards---the-defenders-of-plancenoit-2533-p.asp) 180 alternative Guardsmen for 55, which leaves you plenty in your budget for getting GW tanks.

Of course, IG is already the army with the easiest way to get cheap tanks, but I'm sure there are plenty of cheap alternative infantry models for Orks, Tau, Nids and Daemons, at least, out there. Eldar and Marines may be a bit trickier, but I'm sure one would be able to scrounge up something.

13-05-2010, 11:01
Victrix is a dangerous, and affordable idea.... Dress uniform guard are only 150 weapon swaps away!

Raven Down
13-05-2010, 14:24

Good For Vehicles and Infantry

13-05-2010, 14:25
Some nice links, I hope others are finding the thread useful :)

13-05-2010, 17:48
I make my own tanks from plasticard, im also planning on making them modular so i can swap out weapons to make rhino/pred/vindicator.

I really want to make a defiler from scratch.

13-05-2010, 19:17
can I second Thud on victrix?

lovely, very characterful models.

so characterful in fact that making them look anything but Napoleonic is a job in itself.