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13-05-2010, 01:59
Tomb Prince w/ Flail, Light armor, shield, chariot, chariot of fire, golden eye of rah nutt
Liche Priest w/ cloak of dunes, hieratic jar
Liche Priest w/ skeleton steed, dispell scroll

Skeleton Warriorsx20 w/ light armor, shield, standard
Skeleton Warriorsx15 w/ bows, standard

Skeleton Chariotsx5 w/ Champion, standard, musician, Icon of the sacred eye
Tomb Guardx20 w/ standard, musician, banner of the undying
Tomb Scorpion

total pts. 1497

The strategy is to use my scorpion and tomb guard to bait the enemy and then flank charge with the chariots. Use the skeletons to tie up units and to shoot arrows at the enemy.