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13-05-2010, 10:32
I have 2 list and they work great on a friends shooty HE army but it is untested against any other stuff.

Then again, since its about tactics, what kind of tactical problem would you forseer or find hard to handle with these 2 list then? Any form of feed back is welcome, but bewarned I have an ap1 halberd.

Here goes

List 1
Tzeentch lvl 4 sorcerer lord
collar of khorn
sword of might
infernal puppet.
chaos barded steed.

lvl 2 wizard with no mark with conjoined homoculos
book of secrets
dispell scroll

3 x 5 slannesh marauder horseman with light amour flail and musician

2 x 5 hounds

20 khorn marauders with only great weapon, champion and musician

15 tzeentch chosen with full command, favour of gods and blasted banner (halberd and shield)

3 dragon ogres with great weapon

6 nurgle knights with standard, musican and warbanner

1 x hell cannon.


List 2

Chaos fighty lord of Tzeentch on dics
morisleb amour
golden eye
sword of might
pendant of slannesh

Exalted champ of Tzeentch
Battle standard bearer
fail and shield
barded chaos steed
fury of the blood god

lvl 1 tzeentch wizard
collar of khorn
dispell scroll
Barded chaos steed

14 slannesh maraders with great weapon

2 x 5 hounds

3 x 5 slannesh marauder horseman with flail, light armour and great weapon

15 warriors of tzeentch with halberd and shield full command and blasted banner

3 dragon ogres with great weapon

6 nurgle knights with standard musican and warbanner

1 hell cannon