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13-05-2010, 12:59
Jind has asked if i could write something about what O&G list i use for tournaments. There have been many better and greater minds than mine applied to this task, first of which i always turn to is Avian's summary of Orcy tactics.

What i thought i might do instead is list my usual O&G tourney list, detail some basic tactics and start a discussion as to how things could change under the ETC 2600 point O&G rules and the other limitations/adjustments to the std army list. If you have not seen it the ETC rules are here;


The key points for O&G's are;

Category C (2600pts)
Beastmen (to be confirmed end of April)
Ogre Kingdoms
Orcs & Goblins
Dogs of War

General composition rules:

- Band C Armies may have 6 Special and 4 Rare Choices.
- Max. 1 of each rare choice (Max.2 of each for High Elves)
- Max. 2 of the same Special choice
- Max. 3 of the same Core choice, except ranked infantry without missile weapons and beast herds.
- Max. 3 chariots (incl. characters and units).
- Max. 3 units of flyers (incl. characters)
- Max. 45 models with missile weapons with a range of 20”+ (not incl. war machines, characters and chariots).
- Max. 5 warmachines.
- Max. 9 PD in an army *

*Magic description
You can use a maximum of 9 power dice in each magic phase. Each bound spell you use count as 1 power dice, all following bound spells used in the same turn counts as 2 power dice.

So, my normal list for a tournament is;

BO WarBoss – Shagga’s Sword, Ench Shield, Umms Hat
BO BigBoss – Boar, BSB, Mork’s Spirit
Gobbo Big Boss – Chariot, Wollopa’s one hit wunda, Tricksy Trinket
Gobbo Shamna – lvl 1, Chariot, 2xDispel Scroll
25 BigUns – Full Command, Shields, 2HW, Nogg’s Butchery
25 Orc Boyz – Full Command, Shields
25 Orc Boyz – Full Command, Shields, Spear
20 NGs - 2 fanatics
20 Gobbos
3 x 6 Wolf Boyz – 2 units of which have Spears
Boar Chariot
5 x Boar Boyz – War Banner
4 x Spear Chukka – all w. Bully
Doom Diver
Total – roughly 2500 points

This is somewhat effected by the models i have painted (and like to see on the table), but also reflects my general game plan which is to have a solid core of at least 3 Orc units with BO heroes for animosity and chariots for support.

My general tactic is to have a hard core(not necessarily in the centre of the table) with the 3 big units and then use the giant, boarboyz and wolfboyz to protect the flanks. I also position my artillery so that it can target its designated victim without being targeted themselves. As the target is generally a large target model anyway the spear chukka's at least are often at the back behind my units.

Deployment is key in my mind with O&G and you should always be in a position whereby you have at least 2 or 3 units to put down at the end after your opponent has shown his hand.

Once the game is underway i follow the standard O&G course of misdirection using the wolf boyz, block with the orc units (charging if possible) and flanking where i can with the boarboyz/giant/chariots.

In general i am pleased with the performance of such a list. One thing it has going for it is that in a tournament it is amazing how few players have experience playing against ranked infantry (something i hope will be corrected in the 8th ed). With O&G the dice will always send you astray from time to time and there are some super tough armies/players out there whi would be a challenge for any O&G player, but i have found the list is competitive enough to get in the top ten from time to time and capable of surprising a few power built armies when my mojo is at its peak.

So - under the 2010 ETC rules what should i change?

There are several points i have considered;

a. 2600 points advantage over other armies at 2250 - how to use this to my advantage?
b. What about the slot limitations?
c. Magic limitations and there effect on my magic defense? Do i need 6 dice and 2 scrolls?
d. What about using the 6 special 4 rare to introduce some more whacky elements - squigs etc?

Some ideas of my own;

1. Go hvy Magic, i.e. BO WarBoss, plus 3 lvl 2 shaman with bound items stones etc
2. Ditch all magic, stick to mork's totem and have 4 BO heroes spread round the force.
3. Use the points to upgrade one unit boyz to BOs, max out options on the other two, hence increase the strength of the core troops

Would love to hear your thoughts! :D