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13-05-2010, 15:55
Hey all, I normally play empire and was thinking of selling of my orcs and goblins. But I have come back on that and decided I will only get rid of all the orcs and normal goblins.

So here is what I am at right now with the list for 1500 points

1 Night Goblin big boss 35 points
1 Night goblin shaman lvl 2 85 points
1 Night goblin shaman lvl 2 85 points

20 night goblins with bows and 2 fanatics
20 Night goblins with bows and 2 fanatics
30 Night goblins with spears, full command and 1 fanatic and netters
30 Night goblins with spears, full command and 1 fanatic and netters

5 squig herder teams 150 points
10 squig hoppers 150 points
2 spear chucka's (crew is getting replaced with night goblins) 70 points

3 River trolls 180 points (I know they will be a liability with leadership 6 at most)

That leaves me with 125 points to kit out my characters and perhaps add something to some units. So what you think I should spend those last 125 points on? With 8th edition coming around soonish as well the bows are quite worth it I reckon, I am gonna put those on the flanks, the night gobbo's on the inner flanks, the squig hoppers in front and the trolls and squig herds in the center.

I am really psyched even if I don't win much, I know it will be hilarious to watch it all unfold.

13-05-2010, 18:28
1st of all you need to add netters to both spear units - that is what makes them so marvelous! they can hold up enemy units all day long!

Big Boss works better stuck on a giant squig at this points level - add martogs best basha and brimstone bauble for maximum carnage! Point him at a nasty unit and watch him go!

Shamans - one needs itty ring + scroll, the other dude can have staff of badum and mushrooms - now you have good offensive magic - which is how Goblins win!

archers - with only ld 5 they have too much of a chance of running BEFORE they unleash their fanatics - drop the fanatics to 1 each - otherwise too much of a liability

spear chukkas - so fair enough you do need them in the list and you'll be taking NG crew, but I wonder if you'll also be using NG leadership for them too - ld 5 not 6 - we'll see! ;)

River trolls - by all means take trolls - just dont spend the extra 60pts to upgrade them - since your ld 6 your not going to be making them most out of them until later in the game - drop the upgrade and either increase the unit size (but you don't need to) OR

GET SNOTLINGS! You need at least 2 units of 2 bases in ANY goblin army since you have NO fast cav options - otherwise you are going to find life tough!

Another cool option (whn you want to change things around) is to bring 2 pump wagons in place of the trolls - just as fun and potentially devastating!

2 squig hopper units is better than 1 - especially if you go all themed and drop the chukkas in place of another hopper unit

Hope this helps!

13-05-2010, 18:55
I'm sorry forgot to add that I had netters in those 2 units. I will be using the leadership for night goblins with the spearchucka's. I don't find spearchucka's fluffbreaking or anything and offer me the chance to bash away at the dwarven ballista's.

I took river trolls because they are the easiest to transport, snotling pumpwagons were on my mind as well... but metal...

The archers will pose a problem I suppose but if some of the 8th edition rumours are true panic won't be as common. I could reduce the fanatics in the archer units and place them at the main units.

Should I really drop the squigherd for another unit of squighoppers?

14-05-2010, 07:52
So I have been looking a bit more at the list. And I think River Trolls, while a very economical choice from a money perspective will really underperform with only leadership 6 (will only do what I want half of the time at best)

So I have now come up with the following
1 Night Goblin Big boss, amulet of protectyness, sneaky skewerer
1 Night goblin shaman lvl 2 Staff of sneaky stealing
1 Night goblin shaman lvl 2 Dispel scroll, Magic Mushroom

30 Night Goblins with spears, full command, netters, 2 fanatics
30 Night goblins with spears, full command, netters, 2 fanatics
30 Night goblins with full command, netters, 1 fanatic
20 Night goblins with bows, 1 fanatic
20 Night goblins with bows, 1 fanatic

4 Squig herder teams (thought 5 was a bit too much and costly $ wise)
10 Squig hoppers
2 Spearchucka's with Night goblin crew

1 Snotling pump wagon

Totals 1500 points

14-05-2010, 12:51
You know, the best way to solve ld problems is a bsb. I don't know if night goblins can take one, but I know that with skaven, who have as bad of leadership problems as anyone, seriously benefit from bsb being around.

14-05-2010, 13:54
True, but the problem is that I have to drop a shaman to get a bsb. I hope 8th edition will fix this problem.

14-05-2010, 14:08
a bsb will not help you pass stupidity.

i think you should drop all 3 unit champions, 1 fanatic, and with those points give both of your bowgob units musicians, and add a 2nd pump wagon (they are 2 for 1 rare).

14-05-2010, 15:06
Hmm, I can see the logic behind that one. I will probably do that, when I have enough money to get a second pump wagon. For now I will just drop 1 unit champion and add musicians to the archer gobbo's.