View Full Version : 1000 points wood elf 1st attempt

Tenacious E
13-05-2010, 19:34
This is my first attempt at a wood elf list, you guys were great on fixing my high elf list so please work your magic again :P
this is for just plain battling against anybody who wants a battle in my local GW. to the point is it lacking strength in areas or over powered in some?


Wood Elf Noble
- Additional hand weapon
- Light Armour
- Scout Kindred
- An annoyance of Netlings
- The Hunters Talon
146 points

- Level 1 wizard
- A Cluster of Radiants
140 points


12 Glade Guard
- Standard Bearer
- Aech Ė the Banner of Springtide
181 points

10 Glade Guard
- Lordís Bowman
- Scouts
176 points

8 Glade Riders
- Musician
- Standard Bearer
- Horsemaster
228 points

10 Dryads
- Branch Nymph
132 points

13-05-2010, 20:08
ok if your going to solo the hero I'd take alterkindred on him/her and change the bow to the bow of loren, second I'd drop the champ on the gladeriders and guard and beef the dryads up to 12. I'd also drop the magic banner/banners on gladeguard, with the free point you mya be able to add a small unit of scouts or a secondgladerider unit with muscian. edit* just noticed the gladescouts scratch the noble advice, depending on your area you can see if you can fit a replendence of lumnceson him. Magic attacks for him and unit! can be nice if you face ethereal

19-05-2010, 21:03
well, there is one banner worth taking. I put it on glade guard scouts, since they are allowed to still take a banner. I give them the one that increases their marchblock to 12 inches, so they have a huge bubble of marchblock, and if anything gets close they get shot up, so it's a win win on that unit, it has worked rather well for me in the past.