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13-05-2010, 20:03
Hi all,

After finally aquiring the funds, friends and time I'm starting WFB.
But ofcourse does this mean another "Help me choose my army" Thread.
So here goes:

I've narrowed it down to 3 choices: VC, Nurgle WoC and Beastmen. I'm not concerned by powerlevels although I do like to win (Just not at any cost).
I'll be starting with 2 other friends (One Dwarfs and 1 Empire) and we've set the points limit to 1K.
I would like to know what are the advantages/disadvantages of all three races and their lists below and also which would be suited best for a beginner.

Here are my 3 provisionary lists.

1) VC:
Vampire 170pts
-Dark Acolyte, Lord Of The Dead
-The Flayed Hauberk

18 Skeleton Warriors 165pts

18 Skeleton Warriors 165pts

18 Grave Guard 254pts

Necromancer 70pts
-Extra Spell or Black Periapt (Not sure yet.)

3 Cairn Wraith 175pts
- 1 Banshee

2) Nurgle WoC

Exalted Hero 230pts
-Armour of Damnation, Shield
-Mark of Nurgle, Palaquin of Nurgle

17 Warriors of Chaos 332pts
-FC, Shield, Mark Of Nurgle

20 Chaos Marauders 170pts
-FC, Shield, Light Armour, Mark of Nurgle

20 Chaos Marauders 170pts
-FC, Shield, Light Armour, Mark of Nurgle

5 Chaos Warhounds 30pts

5 Chaos Warhounds 30pts

5 Chaos Warhounds 30pts

3) Beastmen

Gorebull 217pts
-Heavy Armour, Shield
-Brass Cleaver, Gnarled Hide

16 Gor Herd 153pts

20 Gor Herd 185pts

4 Tuskgor Chariots 320pts

5 Ungor Raiders 30pts

5 Ungor Raiders 30pts

5 Ungor Raiders 30pts

5 Ungor Raiders 30pts

Thats all three of them. I've taken in account most of 8th edition rumours.
Which one would you chose and why.
Thanks in advance.

Ultimate Life Form
13-05-2010, 20:18
Well, since your friends are Empire and Dwarves it looks like all your possible choices make for a classic matchup. :p

Also I like your attitude of playing for fun, not to win. Let me add my thoughts (sadly only on VC as I'm not familiar with the other armies):

VC really only reach full power level with a Vampire Lord in the army. You can't take one. That's okay. I just want you to know that you'll be 'crippled' at that point. A normal Vampire is not very intimidating on his own. I think you did a good job making him casty while still protecting him with the Hauberk. remember he's your General and you have to protect him at any cost, so don't do anything reckless.

I sense a few problems coming your way though.

-First I think that you might run into trouble with having only one Vampire to conduct your army. You'll have to keep everything amassed in one spot all the time.

-Second I miss something really hitty to finish off enemy troops. The Grave Guard is nice, but all in all it's mostly a 'bog them down' army, and I suspect you won't win many combats with your troops as the Vamp is not kitted for killing.

-Third I pity you for playing against the classic gunline armies of the game; I know first hand the pain of having to creep towards the enemy lines with Movement 4 (keep the Vampire around at any cost!) while your army is shot to pieces around you from a comfortable distance. Trust me, both are fully capable of doing this, even against your best raising efforts.

My advice: Take something fast in the army. It is vital for you to deal with their Warmachines and shooty troops. a unit of Dire Wolves or two would do a good job, and if nothing else they can at least marchblock and annoy the enemy. Alternatively you could consider a unit of Fell Bats to threaten the enemy lines.

13-05-2010, 23:00
There are some nit picky problems with your list, but since you've likely played very little or not at all that isn't a problem.

My vote goes to beastmen.

The other armies have no ranged attacks and are slow, against 2 armies that have a tremendous amount of shooting. I think you'll have the most fun with them.

14-05-2010, 03:06
WoC is my army, and I would normally recommend it. However, seeing as how you want to go mono-god and win some, I would suggest you look at the other two armies. Mono-god WoC armies just aren't very good (unless it's Slaanesh and you never play against Immune to Psychology armies... or Khorne and your opponents never field any kind of magic).

14-05-2010, 13:46
My vote goes to beastmen but that mainly comes from the fact that there are no beastmen players in my local area. I love to see a variety of armies when I show up to play, but variety isn't to be seen around here.
That said I do think beastmen are open to many styles of play, more so than the Nurgle WoC which would be my second choice. The Nurgle warriors should be a forgiving and potent force even in the hands of a beginner that will only get better as you hone your skills.

As a side note the army I've had by far the most sheer fun playing is oddly enough the Ogre Kingdoms. Having fielded most Warhammer armies several times Ogres still for whatever reason are the most fun to play. Their current, successful, builds are exceedingly off the wall too,.. you have to like maneaters though if you want to be competitive ;)

14-05-2010, 21:30
Although I do like VC, playing at 1k vs dwarfs and empire can be frustrating. I think you will have the most fun with beastmen, being able to ambush all those cannons and haveing a shooting phase.

Warhammer Madman
16-05-2010, 09:20
I also have to say that that beastman list looks like the most interesting...

I think it will help you develope as a player more to use a varied army like that. Or you could speed up your vamps but then again you pretty much ignor some of the fundimentals of the game and that can hurt when you start anouther amy (re-learning the rules as well as an army is just as difficult as starting...).

The mono-nurgle is fun but you need something fast! Take the hero of the palaquin and onto a barded steed drop a unit of maruaders and some dogs for some knights.

16-05-2010, 09:45
let me start by saying that learning warhammer with vampires its not the best way.
why? cause they ignore 50% of the rules, and if u get used to it u will never look back. Having a full army immune to phsycology, "unbreakable" and fear/terror causing will get u addicted once u see other armies/units how easy they run away from panic,fear and terror and autobreaks (for now at least).Add in there they fact that they can heal/raise their models.

This is kinda opposite to beastmen which have low Ld, no armor but a lot of tactical options. An army of challenge which imo is better suited for experienced players.

WoC are a nice army with a lot of options, hard hitters, good magic and monsters. More forgiving then beastmen but cost an arm and a leg point wise.

problem 1. Both your friends have chosen armies that can have a lot of shooting. One of them is a dwarf which means he can shut down magic phase with ease, thus making all 3 players not using it a lot or abusing it to overcome this.
problem 2. Because those 2 armies rely on specific tactics to play/win, u will find yourself making lists to overcome this which will not give u the full potential of your 3 chosen armies, everyone wants to win a game or two sometimes fluffy or not.

so, if your friends like some other armies as well better to have a mix of 3 different play styles between all of you.
Wait for the edition to come out before all of you start giving a lot of cash.
and lastly the best advise is to start an army that u like the models, the look of the army, the fluff behind it and work from there to make lists that fit your playing style.

hope a helped a bit.

16-05-2010, 10:03
Coming from someone who plays both Vamps and Beasts, I would have to say Beasts give me the most fun. Vamps gave me a lot of victories even without broken lists but especially against gun lines, Beastmen are just more raw fun.

Chaos Undecided
16-05-2010, 10:50
Currently working on reviving my Beastmen army myself, seems a decent list but as others have hinted at you might get frustrated a bit by their lack of resolve in the line of fire and at least until the next edition hits your chariots arent going to have much fun advancing into an Empire/Dwarf line. If you dont mind the fact they're one of the harder armies to be successful with the go for it.

Your other two lists are fine to personally I think you should just take the time to read the relevant army books cover to cover and maybe any novels associated with said armies and hopefully one will capture your imagination and just go with one on that score.