View Full Version : Redone Druchii For 8th Edition. 2250pts

13-05-2010, 21:03
Hero. (Beast Master Thalui)
Master, whip of agony, blood armour, shield = 122.

Hero. (Tower Master Urithair)
Master, BSB, crimson death, armour of darkness = 155.

Core Units.
*19 corsairs, reaver, standard bearer, warbanner = 235. (5*4) (Thalui goes here)

*19 corsairs, reaver, standard bearer, banner of cold blood = 225. (5*4) (Urithair goes here)

3*10 dark elf crossbowmen = 300.

4*5 harpies = 220.

Special Units.
2*20 black guard, *2 standard bearers = 548. (5*4)

2*5 cold one knights = 270.

Rare Units.
War hydra = 175.

= 2250.

Models 140 + 1 monster.
PD 2, DD 2.

13-05-2010, 21:13
why corsairs over spear men. the corsairs are just not cost effective and you only get one attack from the back. i would rather have 30 spear men who have the same number of attack with better static res.

13-05-2010, 23:03
Corsairs are way more useful if you're charging stuff then spearmen. I'd advice a unit of both instead. Or, give one unit (the one you wish to be charged) hand-bows so they can do some damage to incoming troops.

13-05-2010, 23:20
yes on the charge they are better but i wouldn't use 19 unless you are charging into the new horde unit but i wouldn't take two units. i agree a unit of spears backed up or i guess giving one hand bows could do.

14-05-2010, 14:25
I agree that warriors can do the same job cheaper but im going for a theme with the beast master expedition from karond kar. The corsairs are the beast masters retinue along with his 'pets' harpies, hydra and cold ones. The crossbowmen and blackguard are the naggarond contingent from the witchking to watch over the eminent beast master in the form of one of his black guard tower masters.