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the godfather
14-05-2010, 16:42

Supreme sorceress, level 4,
pendant of khaeleth, Black staff = 350pts

Sorceress, level two, lifetaker = 165pts
Sorceress, level two, dispel scroll = 160pts


10 crossbowmen = 100pts

10 crossbowmen = 100pts

15 corsairs, full command = 175pts
Assassin, additional hand weapon,
touch of death = 126pts

14 corsairs, full command = 165pts
Assassin, additional hand weapon,
touch of death = 126pts


20 Black Guard, full command
standard of the hag greaf


Bolt thrower = 100pts

Bolt thrower = 100pts

14-05-2010, 17:45
Drop the corsaires for spearmen and use the spare points to buy a hydra. I wouldn't personally go magic heavy but thats your choice.

14-05-2010, 19:48
The Assassin's need +D3 attacks if they're going to get the most out of their Killing Blow. I'd also give one of them the Cloak of Twilight, Rending Stars and Manbane. It's an ace way to draw out scrolls or dice, and if it goes off he'll mangle chariots and the like.

Take spearelves instead of the corsairs, or better yet take dark riders with musicians and repeater xbows. That'll give you your 3 core choices and save you a fair few points. If you want to really **** people off, take 3 units of dark riders instead of any other core (except harpies, and maybe 10 corsairs with handbows and a musician to shield the Black Guard).

Give the xbowelves shields, and musicians. That way, you can use them to screen the Black Guard and then when they get charged, they can flee through the BG (who are immune to psych) and possibly gain an extra couple of inches on their flee move, and then attempt to rally at ld9. It also gives them a 4+ save in combat.

I'd also mount both the level 2s on dark steed, and give one of them a pair of scrolls. Lifetekr is good, but you'll need more mobility to get the most out of it.

At the moment, that BG bus will never see combat. It'll be avoided and shot or magic'd to bits, so either put a master BSB (with a great weapon, heavy armour and SDC) with the Ring of Darkness in there and put the Ring of Hotek on the Champion (your mages will be manoueverable enough to avoid it if they're all mounted). Or, drop it right down to 14 with an ASF standard bearer and either the Ring of Hotek or Crimson Death on the champion- this unit will still mangle stuff on it's own, or at least hold it up for the hydra, and it's not so many points that if it dies your opponent can just sit back and hide for a minor win. The also don't need a musician- I've only ever had a combat come down to a draw with them once.

Take a hydra, and at least 1 unit of harpies. I like 2 units of 6.

Also, this is meant to be a tournament army- where are the shades? I rate these guys as one of the best things in the DE book. Take 2/3 units of 6-8 shades (any less and they'll struggle to do much damage, any more and you'll start struggling to Scout them into the best bits of terrain) with great weapons. If you have points left over, then start bulking up the shade units but 6-8 is a good starting point.

Cold One chariots are also absolutely awesome- for 100 pts, they're a bargain. One of these combined with the BG anvil is always good.

14-05-2010, 20:02
Drop one of the sorceresses, a level 4 and a level 2 + black staff is more than enough, drop the life taker, its pretty crap now that it doesnt have magical attacks. Black guard only really need to be a unit of 15, 18 at most, 20 is way to costly. The pendant is over raited, most people assume the general has it so they ignore them and decide to use things without a S value vs them. Better to stick her on a peggy, its more or less a 3+ ward (as they need to roll a 5 or a 6 to hit you), and she can allways get into position and keep away from things that can killer her, same for the level 2.
Corsairs arnt worth the points at all, drop them for some dark riders, dark riders are awsome for re direction and harassing units, i never leave home without 3 or 4 units of them. If you want to take spearmen its better to take 30 with shields, full command and a warbanner. That unit has a min combat rez of 6 (if you outnomber) plus you can have an assasin with +D3A with man bane shreading the front rank of the unit when you take the charge (use the champion to challenge) and this lets you have your 2nd rank fighting (best to use it 6 wide, same with the black guard).
And try and fit a hydra in there, its allways fun :)

Hope this helps.

My 2k torny has a level 4 on peggy focus familar, level 2 on peggy (naked).. 3 units of dark riders with xbows, a unit of 14xbows with shields, 6 knights f.c (r.hotec), 15black guard /w f.c. 2xrbt, hydra. An assasin /w +1hw, khane and man bane. There's 18pts left there, a magic sword on the level 4 is allways a giggle.

The ASF banner is really over raited on black guard, there I6 and M5, if you use your dark riders right you will allways get the charge in the front with the guard and dark riders in the flank. Its only really worth it when you play vs high elves. In which case you let the assasin handle them and shoot down the high damaging troops like sword masters, and charge the spearmen with the knights the 2+ save makes it worth it. Plus gunning them down really works :D

VS a knight heavy army use lore of metal, and melt them... unless its HE's were you pray for soul stealer on the dark magic and gun them down too.

14-05-2010, 23:06
I'd disagree about always being able to get the charge with the Black Guard- an equally canny opponent will do the same with their re-directors. As it is, most people will assume the Black Guard have the ASF banner (even in a comped environement, anyone who's read the rulespack will be able to work it out) and so won't charge them with anything that doesn't do impact hits, or is much weaker than a Greater Daemon/Dragon.

15-05-2010, 22:20
yea black guard are only good with asf banner.