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14-05-2010, 19:34
why? because they don't have one yet...and i'm thinking of starting them to replace beastmen(pretty models but lackluster incombat, preference to fast CC and magic)

so post some info even if its just opinions

14-05-2010, 22:02
Always take a hydra and 2 Bolt Throwers.

Always take shades.

Don't forget your hatred re-rolls.

Don't take the stupid interwebz army lists like the Pendant Lord with the 1+ armour save and the regen armour on a dragon, or the massive ASF Ring of Hotek Black Guard Deathstar or a Shadestar or you'll never learn to develop as a player, and will soon run out of people to play against.

You can write a really solid army list using restraints like the SCGT Comp system, but which doesn't rely on all the toys to carry it through.

14-05-2010, 22:04
Assassins either kill Knights and characters or they kill monsters and troops. They don't do both.

14-05-2010, 22:17
don't take me wrong but there are two things. one there already is a DE tactics page, and second 8th is right around the corner and will change the game up a little.

15-05-2010, 02:27
call me blind but where is it?

15-05-2010, 04:00
ill give my opinion on a few units, at least the ones i like to use.

DE spearmen - one of the best basic core units in the game. Always take at least one block. alot of people like to go with a few xbow units to fill up the core requirments but 2 solid units of spears is under 300pts and provides a good anvil for your other units to hammer with.

Corsairs - never send them against heavy armour alone. they dont have the toughness or armor save to survive and cant kill enough to swing combat res. units of 12 or 18 in 6x3 formations are solid, the frenzy banner and the armor peircing banner are quite useful on these guys to compensate for their inability to take on heavy armor. that said you put them against light armor and they SHINE. nothing like knocking out 20 zombies or slaves in a turn with CR alone.

xbows - TAKE SHIELDS. so many people overlook that, and i do too honestly, but it makes them so much better in CC and gives them a shot at holding up a unit for a turn.

Cold one Knights - they need a banner in order to be effective. hydra banner is good but expensive. i usually use the +D3 combat res on them and it makes up for thier only weakness: lack of attacks. they can take out heavy stuff pretty well on the charge but be wary against stubborn troops or big blocks with good SCR.

Shades - these guys are the golden boys of the DE army. some say take GW, some say dont, personally i always do but thats just me. send them at the flank of calvary or couple them up with spearmen and hit enemy blocks to the flank or rear. they are excellent shots, but dont hesitate to charge them into combat if need be.

Black guard/executioners - i put these together because they are basically the opposites. black guard slaughter masses while executioners butcher heavy armor. its usually worth putting a banner in them, usually the ASF one but it kinda turns the unit into a deathstar which is frowned upon. Another trick is to back them up with a cauldron. makes em deadly and more flexibile. Remember though t3 + 5+ save is weak, keep them away from arrows or magic missiles. I use them to either draw alot of fire and keep my other units safe or i plop them in the middle of the battle line and use them as an anchor unit. black guard especially b/c of thier special abilities wont break to anything (even fear causers) so its sometimes useful to sacrifice them to hold up a really nasty enemy unit for a couple of turns.

Those are really the main units i use, the hero stuff is so different for everyone its really not worth trying to discuss though for the record my lord walks around with 1+ armor save, inverse ward, the regen save and the s6 sword all while riding a cold one. he's excellent at pinning down that annoying doomwheel or chaos knights almost indefinently (until he kills them that is).

Oh, forgot to mention dark riders. gotta take them if only for the tactical flexibility they offer. thier primary job is to march block and redirect, dont forget that. they can shoot, and do fine at it but dont hesitate to give up a round of shooting to march if its gonna march block more units or deny the enemy anything. They cant really charge much in the way of combat blocks or killy stuff and dont charge them if the opponent can stand and shoot but they can take on most light cav and just about any flyers (not flying monsters, but flying units).

15-05-2010, 04:12
here is the link http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=5894&highlight=dark+elf+tactics