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14-05-2010, 22:33
The idea with this list is to use the Grey Seer and engineers to Skitterleap all the characters (including the Grey Seer and engineers) to advantageous positions near the enemy lines and magic-blast them to death. The Plague Priest would be particularly good at taking out gunlines with the Warp Scroll. Meanwhile the rest of the army closes in, using Storm Banner to deflect whatever missile fire the magic didn't take out. Once the hammer of Screaming-bell/Stormvermin, Hopefully Death-Frenzied Clanrats, A-Bomb, Rat Ogres, Censer Bearers and Doomwheel hit, not much should be left standing.

This configuration would probably work best against other large armies, particularly ones arrayed in long battle lines. That way, the doomrocket would be almost guaranteed a hit if it stood at the end of the line, and it would be hard for him to mobilize forces against the spellcasters in time.

Grey Seer on Screaming Bell with Foul Pendant and Skalm - 500
Warlord with Shield and Fellblade - 193
Level 2 Plague Priest with Flail, Great Pox Rat and Warp Scroll - 202
Level 2 Plague Priest with Plague Furnace and Flail - 289
Level 2 Warlock Engineer with Warp-Energy Condenser - 120
Level 2 Warlock Engineer with Warpmusket, Doom Rocket and Warlock Optics - 165

30 Stormvermin with Shields, Fangleader, and Standard Bearer with Storm Banner - 310
30 Clanrats with Spears, Shields and Full Command - 170
20 Skavenslaves with Slings - 50
20 Skavenslaves with Slings - 50

4 Rat Ogres and Master-Moulder with Great Weapon - 189
7 Plague Censer Bearers - 112
30 Plague Monks with Standard Bearer carrying Shroud of Dripping Death - 250

Hell-Pit Abomination with Warpstone Spikes - 250
Doomwheel - 150

Total: 3000 points


My main questions are: is it possible to Skitterleap a Grey Seer off his Screaming Bell and then back on again? Is it possible to Skitterleap Warpfire Throwers? I don't think it is, which is why I don't have any, but the idea of a couple warpfire throwers 8 inches behind enemy lines is hilarious. Any other comments or criticisms are also more than welcome.

15-05-2010, 02:41
Grey seer can't get off the bell I'm pretty sure.

15-05-2010, 05:25
Damn. Is the bell still worth it, do you think?

15-05-2010, 07:02
Skitter leap only works on unit strength 1 models. Weapon teams are all unit streath 2, and so are jezzails. The Gray Seer may never leave the Screaming Bell unless it is destroyed and he survives.

I would never advice the fellblade, good luck skitter leaping him into your opponents most dangerous things.

16-05-2010, 16:21
130 rats in 3000 points? Thats whats wrong..... Hell my 2K ogre list has more bodies ;)

I'd get a giant rat unit for the pox-rat-priest, works like a charm.

The bell is iconic, and great fun.

If magic heavy is the main thing, take 2 grey seers (one on bell) and a bsb that should be enough characters, fill the rest with rats and toys.

Skitterleaping should be a tactical option, not something to base your army around

17-05-2010, 09:38
SKAVEN ARE CHEESED lol. Jk aside, it looks pretty nasty and I know how it feels first hand (my empire got beaten today by a nasty 2250 magic heavy skaven army). Although my opponent was a poor winner and tried to rub it in my face, I wiped the smile off his face when I told him that he would only be able to spend 25% of his points on characters in the next edition :P.

18-05-2010, 17:01
Heheh Daemons are gonna eat you alive!! But then Daemons are one of the best anti magic lists. It is effective until 8th then you realize you just spent a whole boatload of money on characters you cant use!

19-05-2010, 08:49
Whilst your magic output will be fiercesome, you seriously lack bodies for Skaven. I have 1500-pt armies with a similar body-count. If you want to keep the magic-heavy nature, I would take out some of the more expensive small units (Rat Ogres, maybe the HPA) for more bodies. Slaves for screening, Clanrats for solid CR and Giant Rats for harassment.

19-05-2010, 09:50
You know what I say to that list? Run up and hit the wizards and you've lost your offence, theres so many ways to screw over a magic heavy army these days. Drop one of the level 2s and get another unit of clan rats. or 2 units of slaves. You need at least 250+ rats at 3k plus warmachines.
I cant remmber the last time i went vs a skaven 3k army with less than 300 rats.

19-05-2010, 10:42
But where's the Vermin Lord?