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15-05-2010, 09:31

My FLGS run a 500 point leagure where I have to chosse a character at least one core and I can also have two specials or one rare. Here is the list Im considering. Shooting is my favourite part of the game having recently converted from 40K but I don't know if this list would annoy players

Master Engineer
10 Dwarf Thunderers
Cannon with rune of reloading
2 Bolt throwers

15-05-2010, 12:45
It's a strong list don't get me wrong but I personally think that If you are just startin fantasy I would try and get away from the 40K mentality and learn how to use infantry blocks, especially with the rumours concering the improvement towards infantry formations.

Dwarfs can pack a lot of firepower and win that way but I've found it leads to a very boring game and won't develop you as a player.
A list that Ive used numerous times still has good shooting but also a solid dwarf warrior unit:
Thane-rstone. gw
14 warriors-standard
10 quarrelers
organ gun

I enjoy the added flexibility the lone slayer character gives but If you can only have one character drop him and beef the warriors up to 20/swap quarrelers for thunderers. Either way an Organ gun at this level is brutal.
Good luck.