View Full Version : Wood elf 8ed objective grabbers.

15-05-2010, 09:45
This with 8 ed in mind. Especially the objective missions.

Waywatcher noble, xHw, luminents, General. (will join one of the waywatcher units).

Alter noble, xhw, Light armour, horn of the asrai. (Bait)

lvl 1 Spellsinger, divination orb (or deep wood sphere?)

Lvl 1 Spellsinger, castigors stave.

4x 5 glade riders with standard. One unit also has a musician.

1 unit off 5 wild riders with standard and champ

2 units of 5 wild riders with standard

2 units of 10 waywatchers.

1999 (2000) pts.