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15-05-2010, 17:13
So i was thinking in bed last night what are the general kinds of things to watch for in a general idea of warhammer. i also know 8th is coming and it might change.

so far i have come up with a few:
Fast Cavalry
Big Blocks
Small elites
Heavy Cavalry
War Machines

so first, skirmishers. How do we deal with them? they tend to be protected in woods so they are hard to shoot at, though the life taker has helped me more than once. Our own skirmishers could take them out but such a move is risky or an assassin if you want to. but the main ways i see are big blocks to ignore them, the ring of darkness, or magic missiles, especially chill wind if you are close enough.

Fast Cavalry is some what easier to take out with light fire but you have fewer turns to take them out given their speed. With our crossbows w only get a turn of reliable shooting and a stand and shoot so we had better take them out fast. they will try to hit flanks or get around you into the back field and this is where i find it a little easier. Of you place a cheap archer unit w/ shields to watch the units flank then you get a shooting round and hope for a hold (good chance that they only kill three) then charge them in the side with the archers.

Monsters are are any thing really that causes terror. these beast are usually fast with some armor and high toughness. also dragons, a soon to be rare sight, fly. so how do we deal with these units? the most common ways i see are: bolt throwers, combat res to bounce them, though this is difficult against some (HPA), or a hail of arrows getter than that we have seen in 300. Or, characters such as an: assassin (possibly flying himself) or combat lord with the pendant, possibly a dragon. oh and the ever fun executioner's axe

Multi-wounds are thing like ogres and hopefully chariots. so how do we take em'? Say hello to my witch elves and cauldron. 7 frontage means 23-25 attacks and an average of 4 killing blows. that should put a dent in the unit. there is also the trusty 7 wide executioner unit with 14 str 6 attacks and an avarage of two killing blow, but they might just get the ward save.

the big combat res blocks =P they usually die easily enough but they take a while to eat through. so witch elves to the rescue with 30-32 attacks, you are looking at about 5 dead swordsmen a turn allowing no strikes back. this can also work with a frenzied corsair unit. Chariots and knights are fun to break them on a charge. Oh, and our bolt throwers kill them dead to.

Small elites are thing like WoC warriors, and most special units from each army. These guys tend to be fielded in small numbers and come with a variety of perks, mostly for hand to hand. It is going to be tough against these guys and more likely than not you will need to through your own elites at them maybe even a hydra into the flank. but vs elves it isn't so bad, it is a job for our harpies and crossbowmen tag team. two units of archers and a set of harpies should allow you to pelt the enemy to kingdom come, you are looking at about 8 dead a turn. this works against rank and file to but is a little expensive.

Fliers are a real pain in the behind. with their 20" movement they are hard to catch and as such expect the charge. now fliers come in to forms the lighter guys such as our own harpies and heavier guys such as eagles or even dragons. for lite guys a spare 300 points can make a hell of a difference putting each in the back, around the center of the back three tiles if you use the GW game top. and heavier fliers need a bolt to the face. you can also protect your flanks but fliers will tend to just jump over you and up your butt.

Heavy cavalry suck in every form the are fast with high armor. quick enough to dodge most heavy hitters and armored enough to take a hit. a bolt thrower is good but we can out match them in speed. dark riders should be able to charge them in the side and then give them a taste of their own medicine with coldone knights to the side or even the front. no armor save things could work but i don't suggest it because we are fairly weak and can't get a lot out of it.

Archers is just any ranged unit. but this is bad for us, why, because we only have 24" on our ranged stuff so we will be out matched. what we can do though is use our fast cav to hit them. use terrain to your advantage. also the ring of darkness is golden. if we out range them tough just sit back and shoot till your heart is content.

War machines can be easy or hard. Usual war machines are weakly crewed and can die to harpies. the harder stuff like Dwarfs provide a challenge. skirmishers help but might not be in range or do enough damage to these guys, the only thing i can think of are flying assassins to come in and beat the crew. the WoC cannon is a beast though and requires a different strategy for that of a Monster.

Magic is vary broad but defensively there are fewer suggestions. There is the mighty assassin, and the over used ring of hotek, but what else do we have. there is the chunk of DD we get, a few null talismans here of there and the less popular seal of Ghrond. There are always dispel scrolls too. Sad thing about dark elves is that except for the ring we have limited defense against magic, but we have amazing offense with it =).

Anyway these were just my thoughts this morning when i woke up. Feel free to tell me what to add and where i went wrong, I will edit the post with any relevant information you guys give me. Help me out i plan on gaming again soon, though after 8th.