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the godfather
16-05-2010, 20:06

chaos Lord, armour of damnation,
father of blades, Shield 305pts


Festus 185pts

Sorcerer, level two,
bloodstone pendant 185pts

Sorcerer, level two
Infernal puppet 175pts


15 Warriors, shields,
full command, mark of nurgle 300pts

15 Warriors, shields,
full command, mark of nurgle 300pts

Marauders, light armour, shields
full command, mark of Slaanesh 210pts

5 warhounds 30pts

5 warhounds 30pts

5 warhounds 30pts

5 warhounds 30pts


15 Chosen, 15 shields,
full command, mark of nurgle 365pts

5 knights, champion, musician 230pts


Spawn 55pts

Spawn 55pts

Spawn 55pts

17-05-2010, 02:17
It is always a better idea to have more mauraders than warriors. The mauraders are great for how much they cost (wich isnt much) and can build up a great stable core for your army. Use the mauraders as tar pit units, and have the warriors be the hammer. I personally have never taken chosen, (as I just take 2 units of knights instead), but they just seem too exspensive, sure they can ruin in close combat, but they are too slow and will be top targets for shooting and magic. But try em out, who knows? they might be great in a unit of 15, I just dont think they're worth it.

17-05-2010, 03:00
Units of 15 concern me. That suggests you're running them 5x3 - shields would confirm this.

No offense, but bad idea! Warriors are some of the hardest hitting core infantry in the game, but you need to use them properly. Take units of 12 (maybe 14), 2 ranks, with halberds, shields, musician, maybe a banner and mark of slaanesh. They will kill whatever is in front of them whilst remaining cheap. Ish.

Same goes for chosen - who are, short of using warshrine shenanigans, more expensive warriors with little to show for it.

Spawns? :wtf: No, sorry, they are a waste of points. Well, more accurately there's a lot of better stuff going.

2 lv2 sorcs will rarely do anything in 7th ed. People either have the magic to blow you out of the water (and 4 DD with no scrolls will stop not a lot), or a scroll caddy who will shut down half your magic phases, for cheaper.

Odd build on the chaos lord - i know its nice for getting your opponent to punch himself in the face, but i'd rather just punch him myself. Generally, i'd say an exalted champ does everything a lord can do, but cheaper - with the notable exception of dragons and magic item loadouts. Hence, something like Chaos Runesword + Crown/Collar of Khorne is a common combo, as it means you can give your killy character some protection. Being on a horsey doesn't hurt either - still can't be picked out and gives some nice extra armour, amongst other things. End of the day, something with 6 Ws9 S6 attacks, being T5 1+/4+++ is a fricking pain in the head. Although not worth it :D

17-05-2010, 12:27
I love using chosen - I run 12 of them, Mark of Khorne... they're hard to kill, especially with the item that lets you modify the Eye of the Gods roll on the champ. They do not always get to see a lot of action, but they are a reliable pain in the ass for any enemy, since no one likes to see 12 of those hard cases rolling towards them. Just keep them protected and your own units on their flanks...