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16-05-2010, 20:54
I have decided that next I want to do a tournement list and daemons make me phisically sick so I thought I'd go with the next best thing. HAve made the list with
8 th in mind ie. percentages. On the plus side, no shades!

Master, bsb, ring of hotek, armour of darkness, great weapon=159
Master, pendant of khaleth, soul render, heavy armour, sea dragon cloak=138
19 black guard, command, asf, null talisman
death hag, caldron of blood=200
5 dark riders, musucian, x bows=117
5 dark riders, musucian, x bows=117
5 dark riders, musucian, x bows=117
5 harpies
5 harpies
10 repeater crossbowmen=100
22 spearmen, standard
14 executuioners, champion,(stubborn)
14 executuioners, champion,(stubborn)
war hydra
bolt thower
bolt thrower

Executioners are stubborn due to caldron which will be giving bg deathstar 5 + ward or sometimes the other 2.

18-05-2010, 17:07
Cmon guys, I've made an active effort to post much help around this forum, was sort of hoping for the same in return. :(

18-05-2010, 17:45
Well...I like it. You've got spears elves (without a mage sacrificing them!), two units of executioners (who might be awesome with their high I), and blackguard (with a BSB).

No shades. No CoK. Only 1 unit of repeater x-bows. I'd go for it. It looks competitive and fun. (Even if I do hate the PoK and RoH, but at least for the latter it is your only magic defense).

18-05-2010, 18:30
All we have is some rumours regarding what 8th will be like. You aren't getting much feedback because no one has any idea what will be good when it hits. Your list might be good or it could be garbage. Just have fun with 7th for another month or two and then try posting this again.

18-05-2010, 19:01
As bluemage pointed out, it's kind of hard to make comments based off the fact that we don't have the 8th ed rulebook. The one thing rumours seem to imply is that the game will involve a lot more attrition. This is something that our expensive, squishy infantry are not going to like. As a result of this, IMO it will be a lot more critical for a dark elf army to reduce enemy units down to size via shooting and magic before committing to combat. You seem to have a good shooting base, but no magic. As a result of this, I would consider switching one of your masters with a lv2 sorc with tome of furion. If the 8th ed magic rumours are to be believed, I think this build will be quite potent, since she can reliably cast all her spells with 2d6 pd, and if for some reason you fluff your pd rolls, you always have power of darkness.

22-05-2010, 11:42
two units of executioners (who might be awesome with their high I).

Except that Great Weapons have always STRUCK LAST. And rumours don't appear to be dispelling this fact.