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16-05-2010, 21:21
if i rolled a 5 and 6 from killing blow with the sword of kings vampire counts weapon on a warrior preist in a challenge who had 2 wounds remaining on his profile and he didn't save either of the wounds with his ward save, do i get 4 points for overkill or do i just get 2 points? i thought you get a point for each wound remaining on their profile for Each such roll of a killing blow?

16-05-2010, 21:33
4 points of overkill. each killing blow counts for all remaining wounds. BRB FAQ 1 iirc.

16-05-2010, 21:50
You mean BRB FAQ 2 (http://www.games-workshop.com/MEDIA_CustomProductCatalog/m2220025_Warhammer_FAQ_part2_Feb_2009) not BRB FAQ 1 (

But yes, each killing blow wound removes all remaining wounds off the models profile.
So 2 of them will both remove however many wounds are left.

In the FAQ example given a 3 wound character has already lost a wound.
He suffers 2 killing blow wounds, and a single normal wound.
Each killing blow wound causes 2 points of combat res, and the additional wound causes another.
Totalling 5 (2 + 2 + 1 = 5).