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Lord Dan
16-05-2010, 22:27
So the cursed company are undead. However nowhere in their rules does it mention anything about them being "unbreakable". There is that section that says "the unit cannot be broken", then going on to describe them crumbling when they lose combat, however the term unbreakable is never used.

...so can other characters, like say a paymaster, join the cursed company?

16-05-2010, 22:32
undead units are not unbreakable.

I'd say yes, the paymaster can join unless there is another rule prohibiting it. but undead does not include unbreakable.

16-05-2010, 23:30
I think the very rule called "Independant" stating "Cannot be joined by characters" is pretty clear cut to me...

Read the full rules of the Cursed Company (;


Lord Dan
17-05-2010, 01:15
Well, that's embarrassing. Thanks for the answer, though.

17-05-2010, 07:04
that is another rule that prohibits it. good. :)