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17-05-2010, 04:09
I don't have a lot of time to write this evening (relatives are over), but I got a game in today (finally!) against Skaven, and wanted to give a report. Straight to the lists:

Warriors of Chaos:

Sorcerer, Level 2, barded steed, Sword of Might, Spell Familiar (general, with Knights, lore of Death)
Sorcerer, Level 2, Nurgle, barded steed, Infernal Puppet (with Marauders)
Exalted Hero, barded steed, BSB, Banner of the Gods, halberd, shield

24 Marauders, Slaanesh, light armor, shields, full command
12 Chaos Warriors, Slaanesh, halberds, shields, musician, standard, War Banner
5 Marauder Horsemen, Slaanesh, flails, musician\
5 Marauder Horsemen, Slaanesh, flails, musician
5 Warhounds

12 Chosen, Tzeentch, great weapons, full command, Favor of the Gods, Banner of Rage
5 Knights, Khorne

1 Warshrine, Slaanesh
1 Hellcannon


Grey Seer, Level 4, Screaming Bell, Power Stone x2, Skalm (joins Stormvermin)
Plague Priest, Level 2, plague censer, stuff (joins right Plague Monks)
Plague Priest, Level 2, stuff (joins left Plague Monks)

20 Skavenslaves, musician
20 Skavenslaves, musician
25 Giant Rats/5 Packmasters, Master Moulder w/ great weapon
25 Giant Rats/5 Packmasters, Master Moulder w/ great weapon
20+ Stormvermin, shields, full command

2 Rat Ogres/1 Packmaster
2 Rat Ogres/1 Packmaster
25 Plague Monks, full command
25 Plague Monks, full command

1 Doomwheel
1 Warp Lightning Cannon

I don't recall all the spells he got, but he had pretty much all the plague spells on at least one character or another. His Grey Seer had the Dreaded 13th. My Nurgle sorcerer got Buboes and Curse of the Leper, while the death sorcerer got Dark Hand, Wind of Death and Doom & Darkness. The Chosen got +1 toughness.

Terrain was minimal, with a small hill in each of our back right sides, a wood in the middle left and a ruin in the middle right.

He deployed, left to right: Doomwheel, WLC on hill, Plague Monks, Slaves, Rat Ogres, Stormvermin/Bell, Rat Ogres, Slaves, Plague Monks, Giant Rats, Giant Rats

I deployed: Horsemen (Chosen and Warshrine behind), Marauders, Warriors (Hellcannon behind), Warhounds (Knights behind), Horsemen. I got first turn.

Turn 1
I moved up a little, slow enough for the Chosen to catch up with the battle line. The dogs & Knights moved up fast, and Horsemen angled to redirect. The Hellcannon guess was perfect on the Bell, but scattered away and hit nothing. Warshrine gave the Chosen +1 strength. Magic did very little.

He rushed toward me, but nothing reached combat. In magic, he got off the Dreaded 13th and wiped out my Chosen, replacing them with Clanrats. Yikes. Shooting from the WLC takes a wound off my BSB after he fails his Look Out Sir, and also kills 9 Marauders. Doomwheel shooting kills 3 Horsemen.

Turn 2
Dogs charge slaves, Warshrine charges the once-Chosen Clanrats. BUboes snipes a wound off the left Plague Priest. The Hellcannon shot at the Bell is perfect again, and scatters away again uselessly. The dogs bounce off the slaves, who restrain to avoid running into the Knights. The Warshrine beats the Clanrats but they hold.

Doomwheel charges the Horsemen, who flee through the Clanrats and are destroyed, but it means the Doomwheel doesn't make it into combat with anything. Giant Rats both charge right Horsemen, who flee and draw them away a bit. Other stuff moves up, and slaves move out of the way of the Knights, opening a charge toward the right Plague Monks. The Bell rings and charges into the Warriors. The Warshrine breaks Clanrats and pursues into the Doomwheel. The Warriors lose a couple, but put a wound on the Grey Seer. They lose but hold due to Banner of the Gods.

Turn 3
Marauders charge Slaves, Knights charge Plague Monks. Magic sees curse of the Leper go up on the Doomwheel. The Hellcannon misfires, and I roll "Every wizard suffers a miscast." That puts a wound on one of his Plague Priests, but little else. The Doomwheel and Warshrine draw combat. The Warriors manage to kill the Grey Seer, but lose and hold. Marauders beat the Slaves, who explode for a little damage. The Plague Censer fumes kill two Knights. The death Sorcerer kills the wounded Plague Priest in a challenge, but those two deaths to the Plague Censer tip the scales enough in the Skaven's balance to beat and break the Knights of Khorne, who do manage to escape at least.

Giant Rats charge Knights to make them flee again. Rat Ogres move up to block Marauders. The Doomwheel's shooting attack finishes off the Warshrine. In combat, the Warriors put a wound on the Bell but lose again. They then fail both their stubborn break test and fail the re-roll, though they do escape.

Turn 4
Marauders charge Rat Ogres. Knights, Warriors and Horsemen rally, with Horsemen back to redirecting duty. A lovely Hellcannon shot destroys the Doomwheel at least! The Marauders (and two heroes) kill both Rat Ogres and the Packmaster hightails it, but I restrain pursuit since he can't rally.

The Bell charges Warriors again, who are now out of range of Banner of the Gods. Uh oh. The Plague Monks also make it to the Warriors' front. The left Plague Priests move to threaten the Marauders' flank. The WLC shot kills two more Knights. Unsurprisingly, the Warriors break and run off the board. The Bell pursues into the Hellcannon, but the Plague Monks are too far over and don't join that combat.

Turn 5
There's not much left for me. The last Knight and death Sorcerer charge the Plague Monks. The Marauders try to charge the Rat Ogres in front of them, but are just out of range. The Knights do a little damage, but lose and run off the board. The Hellcannon loses combat but is unbreakable.

Giant Rats charge into the Hellcannon's flank, while the Marauders take Plague Monks in the flank and Rat Ogres in front. The Hellcannon again takes some damage but is Unbreakable. All the Chaos Dwarfs are dead by now. The Marauders lose some, but kill a Rat Ogre, plus the other Plague Priest in a challenge. I lose but hold with stubborn + BSB.

Turn 6
Just combats. The Hellcannon doesn't die, and the Marauders put a couple more wounds on the Rat Ogre and Plague Monks.

More of the same. The Hellcannon managed to survive the game, and I ended up wiping out the Rat Ogres.

Massacre to the Skaven!

I definitely learned some things (like always always take at least one dispel scroll), but I think I played poorly and deserved to lose. I really need to prioritize killing his WLC more, and get my Horsemen there pronto. Losing two Knights to the Censer was bad, and swung that combat in his favor. At least I assassinated all of his characters, and I got plenty of lessons to take into my next game. Thanks for reading!

17-05-2010, 14:45
sounds like some bad luck on your part, and he had a pretty hard list compared to yours.

Nice batrep nonetheless, easy to read and clear. Good luck next time

shadow hunter
17-05-2010, 15:07
Nice report, Thanks. As a Skaven player - and my mate a WoC it was an interesting read. both lists are very different to what we use.

How did you kill the grey seer? Just by directing attacks against him? I've not used a bell yet (or grey seer actually). Did he not get to use his skalm to recover wounds?

I've found my WLC very good against WoC, probably more so than my doomwheel. 6 Jezzails also come in handy.

17-05-2010, 15:10
That was a pretty hash first turn... but at least the BSB was lucky enough to live after he failed the look out sir roll.

At least in 8th I don't think we'll see much of that 13th spell any more.

17-05-2010, 15:50
@ shadow hunter: I just directed all possible attacks at the Grey Seer, since I knew that A) killing Stormvermin wouldn't help due to unbreakability, and B) even though I was going to lose combat, I was quite likely to hold due to Banner of the Gods. Since the Bell is on a big base, I was able to throw 8 attacks at the Grey Seer, and kill it. He never used the Skalm. I had put one wound on the Seer in the first round of combat, but he didn't use it, I'm guessing because he wanted to remove 2 wounds with it. But then my Warriors killed him in the next round, and he didn't get another chance.

@ Malorian: It was definitely lucky my BSB survived! But that balances out failing the Look Out Sir roll. :) The first turn was indeed harsh, but it's largely my fault for neglecting to bring a dispel scroll. If I'd been able to stop the 13th spell, I think my Chosen would have made mincemeat of the Doomwheel and things might have gone differently.

17-05-2010, 19:10
nice game, if a tough matchup for you. Getting the 13th of is more luck than anything.

18-05-2010, 01:45
Well, it's about 50/50. He pops a power stone and throws 7 dice at it, which averages 24.5. With two power stones and 3 warpstone tokens, he has a pretty decent shot at getting it off at least once a game. Of course, usually it'll get scrolled.

He played another game vs. Empire after me, and he got it off with IF on the first turn, killing 15 Greatswords. The Empire player complained a lot. :p

18-05-2010, 15:57
wow that was a rough first turn. unlucky mate.

Cheers for th eBR. well written.

18-05-2010, 16:04
Skaven for the win. Did you put a Nurgle marked character in a Slaneesh unit? and Does your opponent know that his grey seer can just climb to the top of the bell and not get attacked? Wow I'm lucky I always play DE against my friend's Skaven list... RoH saves the bacon against the dreaded 13th.

shadow hunter
18-05-2010, 16:33
and Does your opponent know that his grey seer can just climb to the top of the bell and not get attacked?

Only if challenged. Regular attack can be directed at him fine.

19-05-2010, 01:33
@ johnny2tone: Yes I did put a Nurgle character in a Slaanesh unit, which is perfectly legal (if unfluffy, admittedly). The WoC book doesn't at all emphasize separation of the gods' forces, unlike the old HoC book.

I don't run champions in my Warrior units, so there was no one to challenge. I do that intentionally, since being forced to challenge is a liability I'm happy to avoid.

21-05-2010, 00:09
Here's a question for you if a model has the eye of the gods special rule it states that he has to issue or accept challanges which is fair enough. But what if a unit champion accepts the challange, what happens then?

21-05-2010, 01:06
I can't tell if you're asking about a Chaos unit champ or the enemy unit champ, so I'll answer for both.

If you have both a Chaos character and unit champ in the same unit, either one can issue or accept the challenge. This is true even if you don't have a Warshrine on the table (the Warshrine gives unit champs the same Eye of the Gods rule that the characters have). The reasoning is that the rule says characters must challenge if able, and cannot refuse a challenge. If the unit champ challenges, then the character is not able to challenge, thus avoiding it. And accepting a challenge with the unit champ is fine, since you aren't refusing a challenge.

Note that if the Chaos unit champ kills a character in a challenge (not an enemy unit champ), he doesn't get an EotG roll unless there's a Warshrine on the table. If there it, then he rolls on the table just like a character.

Now, if you were asking "what happens when a Chaos character fights an enemy unit champ in a challenge?" the answer is thus: They fight the challenge, but the Chaos character doesn't get to roll on the EotG chart if he kills the champ. That was clarified in the WoC FAQ.

21-05-2010, 10:53
I was asking if there was a chaos hero and a unit champ in the same unit.